What to TEXT a Girl to Make Her SMILE (The NAUGHTY Text)

what to text a girl

What to TEXT a girl to make her SMILE (The NAUGHTY Text). Have you ever sent kind of a lame or boring first text and immediately wished? You could take it back. Your first text is crucial because it sets the frame for your textual relationship. Did you see what i did there that nice little play on words, never mind? Most guys, send a very boring or average first text and the girl quickly loses interest.

I once dated a girl who was very beautiful and she told me that one time she met this guy at the club. And he was like the best looking guy there according to her and he was at bottle service. He looked famous and high status, and all that. And they exchanged phone numbers and then the next day he sent her a text hey, and she said, even just by that first text. She started losing interest.


Like okay this guy must not be very intelligent. He can’t think of anything better. Now i know that sounds really superficial and judging but think about it. If a woman has a lot of options, she has a lot of guys texting her and meeting her on a regular basis.

what to text a girl

Then she’s gonna be looking for reasons to disqualify you. Don’t let it be because of your first text. So whether you met her walking down the street or at a borrower, club or even online. I’m gonna give you some of my best word for word text messages. That you can use in nearly any situation, including my cliffhanger text, that’s gonna get her really excited to see what you’re gonna text her next.

“What to text a girl to make her smile – Something Naughty”

And i’m gonna show you how to successfully text her something naughty as the very first text. But you got ta, be careful with that one. And i’m even gonna show you my killer, sniper text that is so damn sneaky and hilarious. She will die laughing and she’ll, be so compelled to text you back. That you could text her this on her wedding day and she would still text you back.

These texts will not only get the conversation started, but they’re also going to frame you as a fun and attractive guy. And set you apart from all the other guys. Sending her lame and boring first text, which is going to help you get the date before all of them. Now, look man! If you made a good impression in person when you first met her and got her phone number. Then the first text, doesn’t – have to be so original and unique. And be like the best first text ever.

what to text a girl to make her smile

Still don’t, send like hey or hey what’s up, be a little bit more original than that. But the point is just make sure you have a great initial interaction. As a general rule, make sure to text her within 24 hours of meeting her and the more memorable your interaction was the longer you can actually wait. So if it was a short interaction, maybe you met her at the grocery store and it was just two minutes. It’s, not going to be that memorable, but hopefully you’re using the methods that we show you and it’ll.

“Plant the seed”

Even if it’s, two or three minutes it will still be very memorable. But maybe just didn’t do that good of a job. I would text her back within probably an hour or two. Whereas if you went on an instant date with her and you were kissing her. And you spent two or three hours together, you could wait a day or two. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Because you’re gonna still be on her mind. But again, generally speaking, don’t wait too long to send your first text all right.

#7 Tip on what to text a girl – is text something naughty. This is a really great one, but it’s all about the setup. You have to plant the seed or it’s not going to make any sense. And, of course, you always have to be careful, sending an unsolicited sexual text message. But don’t worry. You’re, not going to be sending her a naked selfie of yourself. Please, don’t do that as the first text. That would probably not work very well.

what to text a girl to start a conversation

So it goes like this. You get her phone number, you save it in your phone. And then you say something like okay. You know what i’m gonna text you, something naughty just so you know it’s me. The reason i like this is because you will see her reaction. It’s, either going to be something like ooh. Okay, i like that. Yeah send me something naughty or it’s, going to be uh that’s a little weird. Either way it’s, going to give you an idea of how naughty she is.

“What to text a girl to start a conversation – Say it with a smiley”

Now, with this one, you can’t, wait too long to send her the something naughty text. You should do it in about 10 or 15 minutes. While the idea of you texting her. Something naughty is still on her mind and you simply just text her the word something and the word naughty with a smiley face or a winky face. Do you get it?

She thought you were gonna text, her actually something naughty like a naked picture. Or who knows what she’s thinking and instead you just texted the words something naughty. I’ve even had girls reply with i wish you would have sent something a lot more naughty than that. Again it’s a good way to find out how naughty she is.

#6 is using callback humor. If you meet her at a bar or club, it should be a fun playful interaction. It shouldn’t be super serious. Therefore, there should have been some things that you laughed or joked about. All you need to do now is just text her, something that relates back to that funny thing that you guys joked about.

For example, maybe you and her role play, that you were gonna get married in Vegas. And find the fattest elvis impersonator you could find or something like that. Then you could either keep going with that marriage role play as your first text. Or you could even send a divorce role play as your first text. Like hey wifey, i’ve been thinking, and i don’t know. If it’s working out between us, i think we should get a divorce. Make sure to use an lol or a smiley winky face or some kind of emoji.

“Turn her on with text”

So she knows you’re, just kidding. It’s all part of the role play. Here’s another example on how to turn her on with text. Let’s say you met a girl from England. And she happens to be a nanny. So naturally, you gave her the nickname, Mary Poppins. & you teased her all night long about it. Then, of course, the next day you would text her something like hey mary poppins, don’t forget to give your kids their spoonful of sugar today.

So just notice how these texts are more playful and fun. Because most guys send really lame boring texts which makes the woman assume that he’s lame and boring. And then a date with him is just gonna suck. Vs You who’s, sending her a few fun and playful texts here and there not all the time. But she’s at least gonna assume that going on a date with you is probably gonna be fun and playful. And she’ll be more likely to say yes to you.

how to impress girls

#5 cheeky texts. These are just some more fun playful one liner, copy paste kind of text messages that use a play on words. For example, hey crazy, pants too soon for casual text, or are you textually active? Actually, i’m, not super crazy about that one. I would probably send that as a second text. If she didn’t reply to my first text. I’d, wait a day or two and then send her, Are you textually active, a better one Is.. hey it’s Jack.. guard this number with your life.. which just sounds kind of confident and presupposes that your number aka you are very important.

“What to text a girl (the endless option)”

#4 – Is the endless options text: This one works great when you met a woman online on tinder bumble hinge whatever app there is nowadays. Because you don’t want to seem, like you’re taking online dating that serious. If you do, it presupposes that you have no other options in real life. Because mobile dating apps for a beautiful woman, it’s kind of like just a game.

She’s not taking it very serious. She goes on it once a while. Just to see if there’s any options out there but she’s probably not expecting too much. And you should have that same mindset. It really shouldn’t be your number one source for meeting women. So this text – i actually got from a friend, who has an amazing program on online dating and how to optimize your profile.

The text is very simple: it’s just – hey it’s Jack or whatever your name is from the thing which is just kind of a playful way of saying. Hey it’s Jack from tinder. Or hey it’s Jack from bumble. But it just shows her that you’re not taking online dating so seriously. Because it’s like you can’t even remember the name of the app. If you like, this blog leave me a comment down below. Also any other first texts that worked really well for you, or maybe some text that didn’t work well for you

“The third tips on what to text a girl (the cliffhanger text)”

#3 is the cliffhanger text. This one is really great for getting a reply back. In fact, i normally reserve it for sending it to a girl who hasn’t text back in a couple days. Or numbers that have gone cold because it works so well for getting a reply. It’s basically just sending her an incomplete sentence. Where she wants to know what you’re gonna say next. For example, let’s say earlier today you met a cutie down by the pier.

You could text her. Hey it’s Jack, I think you have a confession to make dot dot dot… so notice the cliffhanger there. She’s, gonna be really interested and eager to know what her confession is. And then you could say something like. I think you have a huge crush on a man you met earlier down by the pier lol. Notice, how that’s a little cocky. But it shows confidence and plus you’re, doing it in a fun flirty way.


#2 is the sniper text. Oh my god, this works so well. You should be doing this every time you get a woman’s phone number. And just like the something naughty text. It’s all about the setup. Instead of you asking for her phone number, you have to give her your number. So just say here Let me see your phone. I’m, going to give you my number. And then you take her phone.

“The number one tip on what to text a girl is to recall her action”

You can save your number in it. If you want. But the key is to send yourself a text from her number. That says: hey, you are so hot signed her name. And then about 10 or 15 minutes later text her something like. Oh thanks, you’re, not too bad yourself. Trust me man, this one works so well. They always text back because it’s, just so damn funny. And they’re not expecting it.

#1 is just recall her reaction. I put this at number one because it’s, the one i use the most. Because it’s not so gimmicky like some of the others. It’s more normal and natural. It’s kind of like call back humor. But you’re, not necessarily recalling back anything funny that you joked about. Because if you met her during the day, it might not have been such a playful interaction. As it would be at a bar or club.

So instead of doing what everybody else does and say: hey nice meeting you. Stop using the word nice. It’s, so overused instead say so random meeting you. Or so unexpected meeting you. So fun meeting you. And then just recall her reaction. Did she seem really startled when you approached her. If so say it was cute how nervous you were when i said hi, or it was funny how shy you were when i said hi.

Or if she seemed really friendly and flirty like right away. Then say that, do you always flirt with cute guys at the mall. Or simply are you always so friendly to guys that you meet. It’s simple & It’s intriguing. & if you made a great impression when you first met her, she will text you back.

“Conclusion: What to text a girl to make her smile”

If you didn’t make a great impression & you’re not getting a lot of replies back from your first text. Then it’s, probably not the first text that’s the issue. It’s the initial interaction you’re being way too friendly and platonic. So she feels like she wants to reciprocate by giving you Her phone number. But she doesn’t feel any romantic feelings towards you. I’d love to know of any other first text messages that you found work great for you. And let us know any really bad text that you send, so we can make sure not to send those texts. “More upcoming blogs on what to text a girl to make her smile”. Until then..Peace:)

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