What Makes a Man Lose Interest in a Woman (Instantly) 6 Tips!

what makes a man lose interest in a woman
6 Tips on what makes a man lose interest in a woman (dating tips for women)

What Makes a Man Lose Interest in a Woman (Instantly) 6 Tips! Today I’m, going to tell you how you might unintentionally be scaring man away. One thing I’ve noticed over my many years is that most women have no idea how they’re coming across to men. And then they’re left completely surprised when a guy who seemed to really like them, suddenly loses interest or left them.

Most woman doesn’t understand it because she was coming from a place of desiring to to win him over. Wanting to show him how impressive she is and she imagined she was doing a good job. But suddenly the opposite happened and the guy just completely lost interest in her. And she has no idea why that happened? My main source of information for the articles i write for the blogs, most of them is about the men themselves.


I have spent many years gathering information from interviewing men face to face to sending out a survey online, to every guy that i know literally. That’s what i study. I study men. And over these years i have found some recurring things when it comes to the behaviors that completely turn a guy off. And which make him lose interest and i’m going to share them with you right here. Okay, let’s, get into it. These are the things that make a man instantly lose interest

Tip #1 on what makes a man lose interest in a woman: You trying to win him over.

what makes a man lose interest in a woman
Some Dating tips for women (what makes a man lose interest in a woman).

When you don’t think you are worthy (on what makes a man lose interest in a woman, Instantly) One of the 6 Tips!

Mostly with the guys that you’re lukewarm about you’re not trying to win them over. You’re waiting for him to win you over with the guys that you lock in on and really like. You’re trying to win him over and that completely change the dynamics and that completely makes him lose interest. Because a guy can only have develop real feelings for you, If he invests in you.


If he has the opportunity to win you over. Men are very competitive by nature. That’s what really activates a man, mostly. That’s what really gets him to lock in and focus on you. When you’re trying to win him over, it will send the message that you don’t really think that you’re worthy of him.

What makes a man lose interest in a relationship?
What makes a man lose interest in a relationship is you trying to impress with many things?

Maybe you’re just kind of hoping you can make enough of things to impress for yourself. Or maybe that he won’t notice and he will choose you anyway. That’s the message that comes across. I mean try to think about it logically. Emotionally when you’re in this kind of situation, you feel like i really really like this guy.

I want to show him how good i am, because i really want him to love me back. I guess that makes sense in terms of like, how you feel when you think about it. If you’re trying to impress yourself to him in order to get him to pick you, you’re basically saying; you’re better than me.


“Remember that you are the prize”

It’s like, I just hope that you don’t notice, or i hope that you just choose me anyway. That is not what you want. You want the guy winning you over, working to show you how amazing he is, so that you pick him. Essentially, the attitude to have is that you’re the prize, that he’s trying to win over.

I understand you might really like him. You need to remind yourself of that, as much as you possibly can. Otherwise, it’s not good and he will lose interest really fast. In fact, when you try to prove yourself to someone else, everything you do no matter how sweet and good the action is. Everything is coated with the color of desperation. And that poisons everything.

Tip #2 on what makes a man lose interest in a relationship: Pushing an agenda on him.

dating tips for women
Dating tips for women about pushing an agenda.

I believe this is one of the worst. The worst thing you can do is push an agenda on a man (or it may be anyone). Everyone hate it. In fact, when someone has an agenda, they’re trying to force on us. It really doesn’t feel good. You kind of feel like, get away from me with your stupid agenda. No one like this. This doesn’t feel good at all.

The agenda approach is mostly when you meet a guy and you really like him, lock in on him. He checks all the terms and you want him to be your guy. And that is what you’re focusing on. Every interaction with him is with the intention of trying to push that agenda. And moving to that place and getting to the relationship status.

what makes a man lose interest in a woman
Another tips on what makes a man lose interest in a woman, is when you force many things.

In fact, man don’t really operate like this. In a relationship, mostly men don’t usually make commitment. Commitment is mostly the byproduct. So he’s spending time with you. He really enjoys you, he enjoys it so much. May be he wants to spend more time with you.

Then as things progress, he then realizes I’d rather be with her, than not be with her. I have more fun spending time with her, than i ever did. You know when i was a single bachelor living it up. And i think i want to make this something. It’s just a natural improvement. He doesn’t really start out guns blazing like, I have to make her mine.


“Most men live in the moment (dating tips for women)

And whenever a guy is like that It scares a woman and she’s immediately put off by it. Also, that’s usually a sign of like something not being quite right with a man. Because any guy you have dated who has pushed an agenda, wanted to be boyfriend girlfriend after two dates, was professing his love right away.

what makes a man lose interest in a relationship is the deadlines
Your deadlines are what makes a man lose interest in a relationship.

There is something wrong with him and the relationship might be ended in absolute disaster. In fact, most men live in the moment (not every men). They’re in the, here and now. He usually does not want to feel like he’s living in some sort of slavery where he has to meet deadlines. And he has to say certain things by certain hour and dates.

Or else, you’re going to be upset and it may be a problem for you. And it’s a problem that he has to deal with. A very common thing is: why did he suddenly Lose interest? One of my friend was dating this guy. Everything was going so well. But then he just seemed to suddenly lose interest out of nowhere. She doesn’t know what really happened? What went wrong?

what makes a guy lose interest in a girl
An agenda is what makes a guy lose interest in a girl.
“Never force him”

Many times what goes wrong is, you go from being this fun and easy to be around girl. Because maybe that’s how you behave in the very beginning to someone with an agenda. Who’s trying to get something out of him? It’s this change – maybe it’s the shift when you realize you know this is the kind of guy she could marry. All right she got to make it work with this guy.

Then that changes everything. Because your vibe changes it doesn’t feel the same around you. It doesn’t feel good around you no more. It’s not enjoyable and it feels like you’re always trying to get something out of him. You’re trying to force him to say something or do something. Or may be have a certain conversation.

dating tips for women on why man pulls away
Dating tips for women on why man pulls away fast?

And that basically messes everything up and then you’ll notice him pulling away from you. Until he completely loses interest and he’s gone. This is a main difference between men and women. And most men and women I know this isn’t true for all men and all women. We’re just discussing in generalities here, because it just makes life easier for us.

You will find, most men are comfortable with a relationship where it is and allow it to progress naturally. A lot of women search for ways to improve the relationship and mostly take it beyond where it currently is, to the next level. Now i’m not speaking either gender is right or wrong. Also, here you can’t just coast in no man’s land forever.

dating advice for women
Another dating advice for women.
“Let things go more naturally (Tips on what makes a man lose interest in a woman).”

The relationship has to move somewhere, and you also can’t force things here because that just doesn’t feel right. And it doesn’t feel natural. Because there has to be a middle ground. Has to be a balance between comfortably enjoying the moment while laying the foundation for a future. And this can happen it just can’t happen forcefully.

You need to let things unfold more naturally without any pressure. And the way you can do this is to let go of this feeling of requiring things to be a certain way. And also attaching your self-worth to it. It really comes down to having an mentality of i’ll be okay, no matter what.

You would love for things to work out with this guy. But if they don’t work out, then you’ll be okay, you’ll be able to handle it. This is so much less of like a forceful, intense vibe and energy. That’s the kind of energy that feels good to be around. That will be fine, no matter what. Not the i need things to be a my way, or else i really will not be okay.

Tip #3 on what makes a man lose interest in a woman: when you do all the work.
what makes a man lose interest in a woman
Another tips on what makes a man lose interest in a woman is when you do all the work.

In general, it seems like a man would love a girl who just makes his life so easy. So convenient shows up with beer, cooking his favorite meals, doing whatever he says & wants. Yes in theory, that sounds awesome, but in reality no man wants this. Or no man stays interested in this for longer time.

He might keep a girl like this around because it’s nice, convenient and easy. But that is not what gets a man to invest. And that is not the reason what gets him to commit. And definitely that is not what makes him interested in you. This is what gets the stage for you to be a doormat. And for you to be taken for granted. Because he realize if he wants to see you, you’ll show up.

what makes a man lose interest in a woman
Another relationship tips for ladies: Let him come to you.
“Let him come to you”

He can call you last minute and also he can cancel on you last minute. If he finds some other women, he wants to go out with and the next day you’ll still show up. You know he doesn’t have to plan any dates in advance with you or may be in general. Because you’ll do it anyway. He doesn’t need to call you or text you. Because you’ll do it no matter what.

He realize, he doesn’t even have to think of anything funny or interesting to say, because you’ll do it. You do everything and all the work. If this is the realm you’re in, you have to pull back in a big way. And let him come to you. Again this relates very closely into winning a man over. Not appealing, not attractive, he will just lose interest so fast.

Tip #4 on what makes a man lose interest in a woman: is complaining.
what makes a man lose interest in a woman
Dating tips for women: Stop complaining.

There’s, something about complaining that just feels so good to many people. It’s like there’s something so satisfying about it and maybe with your girlfriends. You can enjoy that, but guys hate it. I think it’s because men are much more drama verse than women are. Guys really don’t like it when a woman is very negative and complaining all the time.

Yes, of course, sometimes you have to tell what you don’t want. But in general it’s just not pleasant to be around someone like that, who is negative all the time. And some men have a very strong desire to make a woman happy. I know it doesn’t always feel like this, but that is something, very strong driving force in a man.

what makes a man lose interest in a woman
What makes a man lose interest in a woman: is you being negative all the time.

And if you are always negative and complaining he’s just gonna feel like nothing will Ever be good enough for this woman. And he will lose interest fast. A man will never invest in a woman who he doesn’t think that he can make happy in his life. That’s a fact. It doesn’t matter who she is or how beautiful she may be? How amazing she is and how much she has achieved many things?

“Avoid that negative world”

If she is a complaining and negative person, he will not want to deal with her. A guy doesn’t want to feel like hanging out with you is, something he has to deal with in reality. As opposed to something that he enjoys now. And if you are in that negative world, that’s how it’s going to be. I know another man who dated this girl, who was everything that he was looking for.

dating advice for women
Dating advice for women: Not to take anything for granted.

She checked all the boxes and fulfills all the conditions. But she never really showed appreciation at any time. She took him for granted and she always found the negative things with him. And was always like breaking things apart and he was like I can’t do this anymore. And that’s what happens many times. So really watch the negativity and avoid it.

Watch how much you complain in life. Try to change to a bit of a more optimistic outlook. This will not just help you in relationships, this will help you in your life in general. And another thing that’s important to realize it’s like i mentioned earlier. I feel like women bond through drama and complaining.

relationship tips for ladies
Relationship tips for ladies: Be optimistic.
“Try to become an optimistic person (Important tips on what makes a man lose interest in a woman)”

And how hard things are but it’s really important not to make the mistake of turning your relationship into an emotional dumping ground. Maybe it feels like a way to bond and on occasion. Of course, you want to talk to your partner about the things that are not happy and bothering you. But men are much more sensitive to the negative things and all the burden.

And if you do always put your problems on him, he’ll almost be like, is she saying that i’m the problem? Am I making her so miserable and making her life so difficult. Men just really are negative to this kind of thing. So again just pay close attention to it and just get it under control if this is a problem for you.

Tip #5 on what makes a guy lose interest in a girl: is talking excessively.
what makes a man lose interest in a woman
Talking excessively: on what makes a man lose interest in a woman.

May be you feel like if there was a silence on a date, you may think, he’s going to think i’m boring. And i have nothing to say and i have got to be more interesting. So i got to think of something real quick. In fact, you don’t have to think of anything. Let him, the man think of something not you.

And let him use his brain a little bit to think of something to say at that moment. The burden does not have to be on you every time. And as women this is something that you do all the time. We try to take on responsibility for everything in a relationship. Most of the time, we’re think like if there’s a silence, it must be because i’m not interesting to talk to. So i need to think about something interesting to say.

what makes a man lose interest in a woman
Another advice on what makes a man lose interest in a relationship: Talk less, listen more.

You don’t need to do this. There’s are many reasons why you shouldn’t do this. #1. I think that talking and talking, is a way to kind of prove yourself to him. And kind of show him what you’re about. Especially in the first few dates, when you are new to one another. And you want him to know that you’re really smart and fun to be with.

“Stop bragging”

May be you know a lot of things and want them to know that you’re really generous and kind. You have to tell them about some of the great things that you’ve done. And you want them to know that you’re an achiever. That you’re travelling, you’re fun and interesting. You’re like how is he gonna realize all these things, if i only show him one side of my personality.

what makes a guy lose interest in a girl
What makes a guy lose interest in a girl is arrogance.

Then he’s not gonna know that all these other things exist. But when you talk much like that, it seems like you trying to prove yourself to him. Which, as i mentioned before, is not a good thing and seems as desperate and needy. It also doesn’t look like as confident. It doesn’t come across as okay, this woman has a lot going for her. And she really loves herself and realizes she has a lot going for her in her life.

It looks like arrogant and arrogance is a huge turn off for many guys. People are very much repelled by braggers. It also makes you seem, like you know, by asserting your wonderful greatness. That you’re, someone who can never do wrong or something like that. And you’re. Someone who will just never take criticism from him. And you look like someone who’s always going to think that you’re in the right. This is just a sign of emotional immaturity and pride.

dating tips for women
Dating tips for women: Stop being a drama queen.
“Don’t be a drama queen”

Also, talking a lot just makes you come across as kind of a drama queen. Like, as someone who’s just a lot. A lot to be around and a guy might feel like, this woman is never going to give me a minute of peace. I’m never going to have any quiet time in my life. She’s just not gonna shut up. And many guys just like to keep their lives simple, drama, free and easy. So a guy will instantly be turned off by a woman like this. So get the endless talk under control in your life.

Tip #6 on what makes a man lose interest in a relationship: when you’re not interested in anything.
dating advice for women
When you not interested in anything is what makes a man lose interest in a woman.

The #1 way to get a guy to be interested in you is to be an interesting person. You need to have interests other than getting a boyfriend. You need to have an interesting life. A life that you’re excited about. Something that gets you revved up every single day.

You have to have things going on everyday. You have to have passions, interests and hobbies or maybe just a job that you really love. There has to be something interesting about you. Most men love a passionate woman, they love it when you share your passions to them. And they love knowing that you have other things going on in your life.

another dating tips for women
Try to do things that makes your life more fun and interesting (dating tips for women).

So this is really important. Look at the way that you’re living your life. What are you doing? How are you spending your time everyday? Are you pursuing things that are important to you in life. That are meaningful to you, that charge you up, that rev you up. That make you feel alive that make you feel good about yourself.

If not, then you really need to focus on doing those things in your life. And when you have these interests, you create this life for yourself that he wants to be a part of. Okay so now, what if you’re seeing a guy and you feel like he might be losing interest? Maybe you realize that you’ve done a few things on this list mentioned here. Or all the things on this list.

dating advice for women to focus on you
Another dating advice for women (focus on you).
“Let him think you are losing interest”

And let you recognize where you went wrong. And he’s totally losing interest like can you salvage this? Can you save this? Yes, of course it can be saved. But you need to take one giant step back. Like i said, men need the space to invest in you. And if you are right up there, right in his face and doing everything he doesn’t have that space.

So do less pull back. Now, a lot of people get scared, but what if he thinks, you lost interest in him. That’s a good thing that will work in your favor. Let him think that you’re losing interest so that he steps it up. He ups his game and he invests in you. And you should use this pulling back time, to focus on you. Until now I’m assuming you’ve only been focused on him. You’ve been obsessing over him. You’ve been wondering where his head is at.

“Stop focusing on him (Last tips on what makes a man lose interest in a woman)”

May be how does he feel? Why is he sending mixed messages? Stop all of that and focus on you. Focus on why was i acting so desperate in this relationship and why was i being so needy? And working so hard to win him over? Why do i feel, like i’m unworthy of him. Try to focus on those questions, stop focusing on him? You need to let him do some work and come to you. Focus on just being able to enjoy life.

And when you’re with him focus on being able to enjoy your time with him. This is what will change everything. It will change your vibe and that will dramatically change the dynamic in the relationship. And that will dramatically change how he feels about you and how he views you.

So what do you think of this list on what makes a man lose interest in a woman? Do you agree or disagree? Did you recognize yourself in any of these points? Please leave me a comment in the comment section. More blogs coming on dating tips for women. Peace 🙂

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