Trust in A Relationship | Types of People You Should Avoid (RED FLAGS)!

Trust in a relationship and the red flags
Trust in a relationship and types of people you need to avoid (the red flags)!

Trust in a relationship is the most important requirement. Learn the types of people you should avoid in your life. Remember these red flags (warning) signs whenever you go through a relationship and your instinct says something unusual. As we know trust is the most important thing in a relationship and in every aspect of our life. When there are no trust in relationship between two human beings, it’s empty and meaningless bond. Trust and relationship goes hand in hand together.

Whether it’s a relationship between couples, friends, office colleagues or a partner, without trust there is no relationship. Trust will always be the most important defining factor of any relationship. Without trust there is no formation of a lasting bond and a good line of communication in life. Building trust in a relationship is not easy however never do the mistake of building trust with the wrong person.

A relationship without trust is like a phone without service and is of no use.

The red flags of trust in a relationships and the types of people you should avoid in life. Read More!

When there is a mutual trust between the two parties, that relationship will always flourish. And it’s always true that says “no trust no relationship“, since without it you have no value. We always have this instinct of whether we should trust someone or not and we sometimes ignore that instinct. So when that relationship ends up in a bad way we always face those consequences that follow.


Therefore to avoid any kind of heartbreak it’s always better to know the signs of an untrustworthy person. Here we have given some signs that show that a person is an untrustworthy person. There are lot but we have just taken some of the most important ones. Let’s dig in to the signs that break trust in a relationship.

1. They are always two faced (Tips on Red Flags about trust in a relationship) :

Trust in a relationship and the two faced people
Tips on Trust in a relationship and the two faced fake people

You might have an experience with a person like this sometimes in your life or may be many times. Most of us had this experience. These people may remain polite or nice around you but when you are not there they will show their real face. They might spread bad rumors about you or back-stab you.

You can see the similar behavior with them when they speak badly about others to you as well. This is a character they possess and will be visible to you at some point of time. So don’t be surprised or disappointed when they try to gossip about others to you. One moment you will observe them smiling and acting nice to you and the next moment they will gossip about anyone relentlessly.


So it’s best for you that the moments you notice this kind of stinky character, you better walk out as fast as possible. This is definitely an untrustworthy type of person and you should never make the mistake of wasting your time with such a trash character.

2. They act like an excessively charming person:

A relationship without trust is no relationship at all.
A relationship without trust has no meaning and is no relationship at all.

We meet lot of people in our life who are very friendly and open to others. This might look like a sign of a person who may be trustworthy or nice to get along with. But remember that there are lot of people who are super smart in acting charming and nice to others. However behind the curtain there will always be some unsavory or cunning intentions which will be revealed later.

Sometimes many people fall victim for this externally nice acts and go on deeper in a relationship. Later on they start noticing many unwanted signs and those hiding behind the curtain start to reveal one by one. This kind of person always tries to know too much about you without revealing any details about themselves.

An honest person has nothing to hide and they are like an open book for you to read anything underneath. Always try to know the hidden agenda of such people who act really nice to others. Anyway the real agenda will be revealed sooner or later and that may be too late for you. This is another huge red flag about trust issues in a relationship.

3. They will be someone who struggle to empathize:

Having trust issues with no empathy
People having trust issues will never have empathy for others.

Those people who lack empathy are kind of big deceiver and they usually don’t feel anything after hurting others. Most untrustworthy people lack this quality of empathy towards others. Someone who is really empathetic will always be hesitant to hurt others, as they can imagine the pain their action can cost. This acts as a barrier for them and they are really hesitant to hurt someone. This behavior makes others in losing trust in a relationship with them.


When you see someone who is capable of backstabbing others or maybe betraying others, they lack empathy. They will never take responsibility for any damaging actions they take. They do not even realize that they lack the ability to empathize. Untrustworthy people are always self centered and self serving. The only one they care about is they themselves and beyond that they can’t see anything.

Sometimes these people even use fake empathy in order to gain something out of it. These traits are hard to identify and you need to be careful about this. Observing this kind of behavior on how someone acts towards others will reveal their true nature. The lack of empathy is a big red flag when it comes to observing someone’s trustworthiness.

4. They will always turn their back on you in public:

Trust in a relationship about people who are superficial with you.
Another tip on trust in a relationship and superficial relationship.

There may be someone who pretends to enjoy your company when it’s just the two of you. But they will start acting completely different when you two are in public. Then they start to give you the cold shoulder especially when you are in with a group of people whom they are trying to impress. This is the time you realize that they act as if you don’t exist.

When you realize this switching of behavior it is obvious that their interest in you is superficial and they are just acting to get something out of you. So the moment they get what they want out of you or may be it becomes clear to them that they are not going to get it, the relationship ends instantly.

5. They will always breach confidentiality:

A relationship without trust
A relationship without trust with people who breach confidentiality.

There are times when you told a child to swear and ask them to keep something secret. Then they usually blur it out after a while and this is exactly what happens when you trust an untrustworthy person for something confidential. This kind of experiences makes you awful and learns that most people can’t be trusted with a secret.

Unfortunately most people never learn the art of keeping something secret even if they grow as an adult. This is definitely another big sign of an untrustworthy person. Remember that someone who shares a secret without any concern should never be trusted. They betray other people without any regret by telling other people whatever they knew.

And be sure about this that whatever you share with them, they will do the same with yours as well. Any private information you share with them will become public soon enough. This people kind of enjoy talking about the juicy tit bit shared in secret with whomever they can. Most of the times they do this to show off their connections expecting it to boost their popularity and social status.

6. They are fickle and are not to be trusted:
Another trust issues in a relationship.
Another trust issues in a relationship with people who are fickle.

When you hear the word fickle we don’t merely mean to be just indecisive or who is not consistent. You know we all have been little indecisive sometimes especially when it comes to making decisions quickly. Everyone changes their mind sometimes even on important things. The important thing about someone who is fickle or indecisive is that their decisions are never to be trusted.

A painful Betrayal – avoid it if you can, before it happens.

It doesn’t matter how important those decisions may be they are very inconsistent and unreliable person. It is what they are and you need to recognize them by their actions. They will just flip flop back and forth and always makes promises that they can’t keep. They have a very constant erratic emotions and this leads them to never be sure of any decision they make. Many times whatever decision they make are negatively influenced by an external factor.

Their decision is always unpredictable and this is another big red flag about trust in a relationship. It is not about a volatile emotional state that makes someone untrustworthy but the character which makes them not to stick to any decision they make. So when someone is regularly or constantly changing their mind, they are not an accountable person. This means that there is no way you can trust such people.

7. They will abuse their power over you:
Untrustworthy people will abuse you.
A relationship without trust with people who abuse you.

This is similar to blackmail. Once an untrustworthy person gained your trust or has something that they want with you, lowly they will start using it against you. It may sound like an innocent start but it’s not going to be nice later on. They might sound nice to you, but it’s a fake niceness. You might have an instinct that something might be wrong with this type of people and that may be right.

Sometimes its wiser to trust your instincts in relationships with a person, whom you feel something may be wrong inside your guts, about them. So always pay close attention on how they interact with others and their intentions too. You will always notice some kind of similar trend with this type of person. It’s best for you get out of this relationship sooner because it may end up hurting you, if you don’t.

8. They will have Narcissistic Traits:
Avoid people with Narcissistic traits.
Learn to Avoid people with Narcissistic traits..

Narcissistic Personal Disorder makes someone fail to see other people’s perspectives. They are the most important thing and everyone else is secondary to them. Such person will never take any responsibility for others. They always blame others for their own mistakes in life.

No matter what they will make someone else responsible for any mistake and they are always good in doing this. From their own perspective they can never do wrong. It’s really easy to identify a person has has this disgusting Narcissistic behavior. Watch out and ask yourself this if he/she is worthy of your trust?

9. They will always fail to fulfill commitments:
Another red flag for relationship without trust.
Another red flag for trust in a relationship is not being accountable person.

Someone who always fails to fulfill their commitments is a very untrustworthy person. A trustworthy person will always value your time and he or she will show up in the time promised. Sometimes in life delays may be unavoidable and we might also cancel plans because of that. But even if that happens sending a simple message to inform is always nice and a responsible thing to do.


It’s a big problem when a person doesn’t put any effort to show up in time and never tells you why they are not able to make it. This thing doesn’t even bother them at all. This is a clear sign that they are a very untrustworthy person. They seem to change and cancel the plans as they want and never care about other people’s time. They never care about how they affect others with their actions.

If these things happens in a business transactions this is extremely unprofessional and can ruin any kind of relationships. All these leads to a complete broken trust in a relationship. Trust can be built in a relationship if both the parties are honest and accountable. It is very clear that you cannot simply trust this kind of people, hence avoiding this people would be the best option.

10. They will lie to themselves with their actions:
A complete disconnection from the reality
Untrustworthy people have a complete disconnection from the reality.

People who are untrustworthy have a serious disconnect from reality in life. This type of people usually see themselves as saints, when they are often the opposite all the time. They always justify their own mistake and never try to correct with what is wrong with them. They will create fake perceptions that match their evil desires.

But in reality the way they are and the way they think about themselves is completely opposite. This type of complete disconnection from reality is a big sign of untrustworthy character. And they themselves are not aware of it at all. You know no one in this world is perfect, however if you see most of these traits with someone, it’s a red flag. Never make the mistake of trusting and giving yourself to such people. Learn to listen to you instinct sometimes and be wise.

After all what we are talking about is to warn you and protect you from people who are like wolves. Whenever you feel like something is not right about a person make sure you examine their actions. You can always use these signs to check your intuitions and prevent many unwanted things that might happen later to you. Because remember that driving out people who are untrustworthy will prevent you from being hurt by them.


So, what do you think? Can you remember any time you had a strong gut instinct that tells you not to trust someone and you went against it anyway? & how did it turn out? Let us know in the comment below. If you enjoy this blog please share it in your social media or any other platforms. More blogs coming up on trust in a relationship and how much trust is important in relationship between two people. Stay connected with us. Be safe. Peace 🙂

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