The Right Girl For You? (Walk AWAY From this Type of Girls)

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The Right Girl For You? (Walk AWAY From this Type of Girls). What’s up, You guys? I would say probably the most common question I get is from a guy who’s having something going on with some girl and he’s I’m having issues with this girl. What should I do? 99% of the time my answer is: move on and go after other girls that aren’t going to be giving you this many problems. You need to learn to walk away. This is such an issue and such an important thing for guys to get through their head.

So in this blog I’m, going to be talking about why it’s so important to have the ability to walk away. How to know if she is the right girl? *When to walk away from a girl & how to do it. I am also gonna give you exampls of when I’ve done it right and when I’ve done it wrong. So let’s, get right into it. The ability to walk away from a girl is very important. In fact (that not only is it the most important tool) you have as a man. If you don’t have the ability to walk away from a girl.


She is never going to *want to have sex with you. It sounds kind of counter intuitive. But it’s the truth (women don’t want to be with a guy who needs them). Most women, do not want to be with a guy where she feels like (oh he’s). I am the best that he could possibly get? He’s settling for me. Couldn’t get anyone better? So he’s trying to have sex with me. Or trying to date me that doesn’t make her feel that good. That doesn’t make her feel important or sexy.

finding the right girl

“Finding the right girl – How to be successful with women?”

So if you’re a guy who wants to be successful with women, you have to have the ability to walk away from them. You see women are looking for a guy who has options. A guy who has different girls that he could get with. But chooses her. Chooses to spend time with her. That’s gonna make her feel good. That’s gonna make her feel like great, I’m with a really high value guy right now. Okay, so to be that one guy, you have to have some rules. You got to have things or guidelines. Or a code of conduct that you go by & “things that you won’t tolerate”.

So when is it appropriate to walk away? Well, you know when to “walk away” when she won’t meet up with you. Try and get her to meet up with you in person. & if she wont meet up with you, you got to move on. Okay, if you try to meet up with this girl two times she’s canceled on you, flaked on you – or maybe you know, I can’t do a Bo bo. Okay move on go after other girls (Important tips on finding the right girl).

The only time I would entertain the third option is when she’s really, like hang up. You know some of the work where she’s like saying hey, you know I’m sorry I couldn’t hang out with you. *Those two times, how about if we do this like I’d really love to hang out with you. Maybe because she is putting in a lot of effort and she is – maybe she had you know a couple good excuses the first 2 times, it might be okay to meet up with her a 3rd time.

“Dating tips for men – walk away from this type of girls”

Even in those circumstances. They hardly work out for me in the end. & Because what made her not want to hang out with you. Or not able to hang out either the first two times there is gonna come up again. Training over there twice & if she is not hanging out with you. Move on. If you are messaging her & trying to get her out and she is giving you a lot of responses. Like Oh, ‘I will let you know or let’s keep in touch’.

If she is giving you a lot of those excuses, it might be time to find something better. She makes you the priority (Important to note in finding the right girl), then she’s gonna hang out with you. And if she really desires you & wants to sleep with you, she is gonna find a way to do it. But if she is kind of like a “maybe or I don’t know”. Like that sounds pretty cool. It could work out or It might not. Then you have to decide if you’re down for that. You will be able to turn a maybe into a “yes a lot of times”. But you can’t do these sorts of things?

Okay, this all comes down to a respect. (Another very important thing about finding the right girl). If a girl is being disrespectful to you, then she’s not being respectful to you. Your time, who you are as a man, you’ve got to move on. & you’re gonna learn kind of more what that looks like. *As you go out more and more. As you start talking to him. But I’ll give you an example of a time that it happened to me where I was kind of coming up.

dating tips for men

“Dating the super hot model girl”

You know I guess it was probably midway through my development process. So at the time I was dating this (model girl who was super hot). I was really excited to be with her and we were messaging back and forth. And I texted her. She texted me back really quickly. I figured probably easier just to make a phone call. So picked up the phone called her and she didn’t pick up. So I was like huh it’s kind of weird.

I know she’s right by her phone, so I messaged her. I was like hey what’s up and she goes. Oh, I don’t. I don’t want to talk right now. Okay, she just said I don’t feel like *talking right now & so I thought maybe something’s wrong with her hands and she’s sad or something like that. She’s upset. So I asked if she was okay and she said yeah fine. So at that point I knew that she just didn’t want to talk to me because she didn’t feel like it.

She really didn’t feel like it and if she had made me a priority. Do you really think that would be the answer that she was gonna give me? Probably not. And even as an intermediate guy, I knew this was kind of true. So I figured that you know it’s, probably best that I go. Don’t talk to her and move on. Another right decision i made in finding the right girl. And go after and talk to other girls and that’s exactly what I did. And that was the Right move at that point. Because even if there’s a little bit of disrespect, you got to sniff that out.

the right girl
“Tips on finding the right girl – People don’t change quickly”

And realize that people aren’t going to change as quickly as you want them to. So after that I really tried to stop making so effort to hang out with her. And the funny part about this is that she actually started messaging me more after that. So she started messaging me more. And it sound like she was more interested in something.

Oh wow, great, like you know, she actually really wants to hang out. So maybe the young guy that I was, I hung out with her again. And unfortunately the exact same things that led me to believe that she didn’t, that I wasn’t a priority for she started doing again. I started kind of talking to other people. She wasn’t placing enough importance on me. And stuff like that. It was clear that yeah sure I could have sex with this girl again. Or I could see her for a little bit longer.

But I was gonna have to like, it was gonna take a lot of work to get her out. And on top of that I was never gonna be her priority. So for me because I liked her a lot. I thought that this was not gonna work out and it was best to just cut it off. Okay and even though I knew at that beginning point that it was probably a bad idea to get back in. I still did it (wrong decision i made in finding the right girl) and that’s what a lot of times this is gonna have with you guys. Where you walk away from her.

finding the right girl
“If you wanna know about finding the right girl – Learn to walk away”

And now she wants you more. And so you think, oh, that’s, that, the tactic. That’s all I need to do is just walk away from her. And get her back. Well, you got her back temporarily for a short time, because what she’s thinking… she’s thinking that, oh, you know like this guy, I lost him. You know what did I do, that I do something wrong and then they want you back. Because, you know they feel like they lost something.

Well, that doesn’t change their feelings that doesn’t change the way, who they are as a person. So if she’s the type of girl that’s gonna flake on you a lot. And just because you walk away from her then. Now she wants you back and then she sees you again. She’s probably still gonna be that flake. People don’t change as much as you think they’re going to. They changed slowly over time, but not as much as you think. And on top of that it’s not your job to change people okay. Never try and change a girl.

Once you’re wit her, accept her, for who she is or move on a lot of times. It’s, easy to get caught up in the messages and when people are asking me these questions. I can tell what’s going on underneath they want to know that the girl likes them. They want to know that the girl is interested in them. And a lot of times it doesn’t matter. If the girls isn’t interested in you. Okay, it doesn’t matter if she’s sending you mixed signals that’s, the message.

dating tips for men
“Don’t be a – being a maybe kind of guy”

Sometimes she wants to talk to you. Sometimes she does it. You’re, a maybe kind of guy. And if you are okay with being a maybe kind of guy like you, (maybe just want to hook up with her). Occasionally fine cool go for it. Dude I’m gonna. Maybe guys in my life, but if you don’t want that they need to move on. And find someone who’s not gonna give you that it doesn’t. Whether she’s into or not.

It matters if it’s a good fit for you and your life. And that is how a nice high value guy thinks and that’s what I want from you guys. Have that high value attitude and realize that you are worth something. And somebody should recognize that worth. If people are not going to recognize that worth from you. Move on and find someone who will.

So when you’re at that point where the girl is wanting you back, I would resist. Don’t get back together with her. And on top of that, I would delete her off social media. Stop following on Instagram, on Facebook. I would even delete the text message that you have. If you really feel like that’s something that you look at a lot. Because if you say oh, I’m gonna walk away from this girl. I’m, not gonna talk to her again, but you’re still liking her Instagram posts.

You haven’t moved on. You’re gonna want to you’re gonna start thinking about her again. Start wanting to message her again. So move on, protect yourself, make sure that you’re not going into those bad habits. And above that, you should be having a good environment.

“One of the most important tips on finding the right girl – Having a good environment”

A good environment is where you are not in scarcity where you are not dependent upon this one girl. You should be talking about at least like five girls at a time. You know, you don’t have to be sleeping with all of these girls. That’s way too many girls to be sleeping with at one time. You need to have options that way. If 1 girl ditches you, not a problem & if one girl is like, you know, flaking on you. Or ghosting you it’s not that much of a big deal. It’s not the end of the world. You still have other options there. Now.

Obviously, once you find a girl that you really like – and you start dating her, then obviously put your energy into her. But if you’re single you don’t have anything committed going on. You should have your options open. If you put all of your eggs in just 1 basket. That’s a bad strategy for you. That’s, a bad strategy for a life not just for women in general okay its is the 21st century dude. If you think you’re the only guy that’s talking to this girl. You’re sorely mistaken okay.

Women, these days have a lot of options. And so should you – and if you don’t have options and you should be doing this anyway. Have something much more important than 1 girl to do okay. Whoever, whatever girl is you’re talking to have something more important to do than her. And if you don’t have anything important like let’s say you’re like in your early 20’s, or something like that. You’re not on your purpose.

“Improve yourself”

You know you haven’t found your passion yet. Well then, make sure that you make your passion being you, improving. Make yourself better for women in general. Don’t make yourself good for just one girl. Okay, keep your options open and improve yourself. More blogs coming up on finding the right girl. Stay connected. Peace guys 🙂

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