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  • how to impress a guy

    How to IMPRESS a Guy (First Date Tips for Girls)

    How to impress a guy (First Date Tips for girls to impress Him). First dates can be totally nerve-wracking. And you want to make sure that you’re able to come across as a confident authentic woman that you are. So what I want to do in this blog is. I want to give you 6 […] More

  • dirty jokes

    Dirty Jokes to TURN her ON (ADULT JOKES to tell a Girl)

    Dirty Jokes to turn her ON (ADULT JOKES to tell a Girl). Today, i’m gonna give you three adult jokes that will make girls instantly like you. Naughty jokes, that you can tell girls on a first date. Adult jokes, that you can use at a social party. But before we get into the three […] More

  • how to seduce a girl

    How to SEDUCE a Girl (Dating Tips for Men)

    How to seduce a girl? (Dating Tips for Men). What are the different stages of intimacy, and why is it critical that you do them in order, so the 12 stages of intimacy are basically the progress that will take you from attraction to the ultimate end in seduction, which is, of course intercourse. So […] More