Did She Really LOVED You? Signs that Someone you Loved (NEVER LOVED YOU).

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Did She Really Loved You? Discover the Signs that Someone you Loved (Never Loved You). Today we’re going to learn about signs she was never really in love with You.

Now let’s begin 1. Missing an idea (She never loved you): Does your ex actually miss you, or does she miss the idea of you. In many relationships, partners realize they were never really in love with you as a person.

They have just fallen in love with a concept they like the idea of you, instead of loving you for who you are. On paper, you probably check off all of their check boxes. You have the job & the car. They find you attractive, smart and funny. They like your facts and figures. But when it came to your actual personality, they always keep trying to change you.


They wanted to make you into something that you’re not. At first she may have said, like hey you’re the perfect guy for me. Or i have been looking for someone like you. She was looking for someone like you, but she wasn’t looking for you, because she never loved you.

loved you

If she didn’t like you for who you are, then she was never really in love with you. She actually was infatuated with an idea instead of falling in love with a real person.

“If she really loved you why a constant stress? She may be the someone you loved but not the right person for you”

2nd sign that she never loved you is: (A Constant stress) what was the mood of your relationship all the time? Were you and your partner happy and joyful. Or was your relationship with her, stressful and argumentative all the time? When true love is not there, partners tend to suffocate each other.

Everything annoys them about you & everything annoys you about them. This ever present stress & tension, means that there is no love in your relationship. So it’s, no surprise that you’re constantly fighting with one another, creating distance and taking breaks ups.

Now, if that tension is coming from one partner and not the other, it means one partner is unhappy with a relationship as a whole. And if she was always creating conflict, if she wanted to fight more than she wanted to make up. There’s a good chance she was never really in love with you or she never loved you at all.

3rd sign she never loved you is (Familial distance). One of the hardest parts of a breakup, especially in long-term relationships, is leaving behind family & friends. When you become intertwined in each other’s lives, you build bonds with your partner’s closed ones also.

someone you loved

You establish personal relationships with these people & even outside of your partner. When the relationship ends, you feel like you’ve, not only lost a partner, but many friends too. However, if true love isn’t there, she may have never bonded with the important people in your life.

“Avoiding friends & family”

She may have avoided your friends & family. Or just *never tried to get to know them when you do finally break up with her. Your friends & family may not miss her in the slightest because she never really bonded with any of them.

Now, on the other side, you may never have connected with her family either. She may have kept that portion of her life, a big secret from you. She may have made dozens of excuses almost like, she was really hiding you from the other people in her life. But maybe you only met her friends and family a few times during your entire relationship with her.

Now, if this sounds familiar to you, there may have been something missing from your relationship. 4. Another sign she never loved you is (Total ambivalence): When strong couples break up romantic feelings will linger for a long time. If you truly love another person, those feelings will not immediately disappear. And when the relationship ends there’s an unavoidable amount of grief, sadness and frustration that comes with any kind of serious breakup.

But imagine what if your ex is *ambivalent to your breakup as a whole? Their love & feelings for you seem to have vanished completely. And in their mind, you’re, just a complete stranger, almost like your relationship never even existed.

This reaction is very common among people who were never really in love. That love never blossomed in their relationships, so the fallout is far less devastating. In fact how do you know when a partner is ambivalent towards your breakup? Well, after breaking up many couples continue talking.

“Treating you like you’re not an important part of her life anymore.”

They may regularly express their feelings for each other, even though the relationship has ended. You keep using nicknames, you remembered the same inside jokes and in a lot of ways you may talk like you’re still together.

Now, if she was never in love or never loved you, she’ll talk to you in a completely different way. Maybe she will suddenly change your tune. Treating you like you’re not an important part of her life anymore. She may even ignore you not because she’s grieving, but she was never loved you. 5th Sign that never loved you is (Refusing to fix your issues). Many partners after a tough heart breaking breakup, find ways to rekindle their relationship again.

They take some time apart to think about what went wrong after all. And then they try to solve their problems. That way they can maintain a stronger relationship in the future when 2 partners really love each other, they don’t want to stay broken up.

They find ways to be happy together. They’re willing to make sacrifices and work hard on their relationship. But what, if your ex isn’t interested? And if she refuses to work on the issues that broke you up in the first place. Now, if she has no interest in solving the problem, then she just doesn’t want to get back together at all.

“Rapid feelings”

She may not feel as strongly about the relationship as you do. Maybe her love for you was over, or *she never (loved you). 6th sign is Rapid feelings. Did your relationship pick up steam right away? & you get too serious without any real feelings? Behind your relationship, many partners mistake strong feelings of infatuation for genuine love.

loved you

They’re, carried away in excitement and passion of a new relationship. And they imagine a stronger connection than there really is. They are convinced that love is the only explanation. But as the dust settles, as the honeymoon phase begins to Fade away well, they realize they’re not feeling love at all.

These short and fast relationships usually fall apart at the drop of a hat. So, It feels like one day you’re in love & the next day you guys are complete strangers. There might be plenty of things she liked about you. But after the first wave of passion, a relationship needs love to hold it together if your relationship dies as quickly as it starts. Well, there probably wasn’t much love to begin with.

7th sign she never loved you is (Sense of relief): Did she seem happy and relieved after your breakup? Does she say your separation was the best thing that ever happened, to her partners often feel this sense of relief. Like a weight off their shoulders. Finally when a stressful *relationship comes to an end, why is that? Well because her true feelings for you were never really there?

“Someone you loved, Forgetting your birthday”

Maybe she felt like she was forcing herself to stay in the relationship. Or *maybe her life was simply moving in a different direction than yours. Either way, if she felt relieved, when the 2 of you called it quits well, then your relationship may not have been as strong As you think.

signs that she never loved you

8th sign she never loved you is (Forgetting your birthday): Even after a breakup, many can’t help thinking about their partners. They often remember things like birthdays and holidays. And they use those occasions as a good excuses to check in to say hi. And to make sure their ex is still doing. Okay, even if you two are not in a relationship anymore.

But what? If your partner, doesn’t even bother remembering these important occasions. If she lets birthdays * & holidays pass by without so much as a text to check in. Now, if your partner, doesn’t mind letting these moments slip away, she may not have been in love with you, really.

Chances are she no longer thinks about you anymore. Her feelings, for you have faded over time. And she’s completely moved on. 9th sign she never loved you (Moving on): Is your ex already dating someone. In fact a new beginning, or a new relationship is a serious commitment and requires a large amount of emotional investment.

“The emotional capacity of someone you loved”

After a breakup, most people, don’t, have the emotional capacity to even go for a new relationship. Let alone invest in one. So what does it mean if your ex is seeing someone new? Well, it means she got over you a long time ago.

someone you loved

She is able to commit to someone else, because her emotions weren’t as invested in her relationship with you. This is especially *true, passionate relationships which get serious way too quickly. In the moment, it feels like your entire life is bound to this person. But the moment you call it quits, you realize how little you actually invested in your relationship. It may only take you a few days to get over her because you were never really in love. And neither was she.

10. Searching for signs (never loved you): The last sign that she never really loved you is that, she must have given you a reason when someone loves you, their love is usually clear to see they vocalize their feelings. They express their emotions, they make an effort to be close to you and share intimate moments. The simple fact is that you know your partner better than anything. You know when something’s wrong.

So if you’re looking for signs that she never really loved you, if you’re questioning her feelings for you. Your gut’s trying to tell you something, listen to it, no matter where it comes from. There’s a reason you feel this way it’s easy to go back and forth in your relationship to doubt yourself & and wonder if you’re reading everything wrongly. But no one understands your relationship better than you do. More incredible content is on the way. Peace 🙂

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