How to SEDUCE a Girl (Dating Tips for Men)

how to seduce a girl

How to seduce a girl? (Dating Tips for Men). What are the different stages of intimacy, and why is it critical that you do them in order, so the 12 stages of intimacy are basically the progress that will take you from attraction to the ultimate end in seduction, which is, of course intercourse.

So if you get these out of order, then you will either not get to the endgame goal or it will be really awkward. It will take longer so it’s really important that you do each of these stages in its order. Learn the step by step process on how to seduce a girl to get into the endgame. This is one of the best dating tips for men in our blog.

Now that doesn’t mean that you have to take forever doing each of these stages. You can actually move through the stages quickly, if you’re doing them in order. There is one stage that will take a little bit longer, depending on the intention of the relationship that you’re looking for so, if you’re looking for a hookup, it’s, gonna be a lot quicker.


And If you’re looking for a long-term, committed relationship with someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with that particular stage is going to take a little longer. So there is a right way on how to seduce a girl based on what you want.

how to seduce a girl

So what are the stages of intimacy? & how to seduce a girl with these steps. So, of course, the first stage is eye to body. So what that basically is, you are noticing someone that is attractive to you. You see them and the way they look is attractive to you.

“Dating Tips for Men on how to seduce a girl. Continue reading”..

That brings us straight into the stage number two on how to seduce a girl, which is eye-to-eye. So that’s when they see you back and they also share an attraction with you. So it’s either obvious or you might have to look a little longer or look a little deeper or gauge a little better.

But there is some sense of a mutual attraction based on eye contact. And it could be the way she’s, looking at you with her eyes. Or that she holds her eye contact with you or that she looks back at you several times.

But you’ll, get the sense that there is mutual attraction based on eye to eye contact. And then the third stage on how to seduce a girl, is voice to voice. So it doesn’t have to actually be communication via words like you, can have an actual verbal communication or conversation with the person or it could be via text or I am. Or on a Dating Tips for Men on a dating site or any kind of message that uses words.

how to seduce a girl

So, whether it’s, written word or verbalize words, you sharing words. And this is the stage that can take the longest depending on what your intention of the relationship is. So if you’re, looking for a short-term or quick hookup, you’re going to advance through the verbal communication. Communicate, in order to get down to your commando and be able to have sexual intimacy with that person quicker.

Now, if you of course, are looking for a longer-term relationship where you think you might be, then this is a stage that might take longer before getting to the next stage. And a side note here is that if you are looking for something that’s more serious, you are better off.

“Dating tips for men on how ignore the Red flags”

There are lots of people who will tell you differently. But you are better off to get to know the person a little bit before getting sexual. Because if you get sexual first and that’s amazing. Then you’re, going to ignore the Red flags that you otherwise might not so just be careful about that.

Because if you have great sex, if you advance the next stages really quickly, which you can do, but if that’s not the right person for your long term. You may get Sucked in because of that great connection you have in the bedroom. But that doesn’t mean that there’s, actual compatibility.

how to seduce a lady

Sexual chemistry does not equal compatibility. So remember that a thing to remember while you do your homework on Dating Tips for Men. That is a voiced voice. Then, the next stage of intimacy on how to seduce a girl is hand to hand. And this is where you’re gonna graze her hand or even hold her hand. So, depending on what the signs are.

As far as her reacting to how you’re handling, the situation will determine how quickly you can move into straight hand. Holding or just kind of testing the waters, and her reaction will tell you a lot about whether or not it’s okay to do that.

If you’re at all unsure, then you can say: Is this okay? Like if she lets you hold her hand, but you’re not sure just say is this okay? And if she is really okay with it, this should be like yeah, okay, yeah yeah.

“How to get consent?”

Definitely you know, but it’s also a good way of you getting expressed. Consent because, anytime, that you’re going for physical contact nowadays, it’s, really important that you get consent not even just applied consent. Which is kind of like oh well It seemed like she gave me consent.

No, you actually have to get consent nowadays, so that’s it. The next one on is hand to head and the next one after that is hand to shoulder. So you’re gonna either touch her on the shoulder or squeeze her shoulder.

Put your arm around her shoulder and kind of squeeze her in toward you. So it’s, more intimate and personal, and you’re, also kind of showing the world making a public acknowledgement that this is this sort of your person.

Even if it’s just for the night, so that’s, the next step is on how to seduce a girl is hand to shoulder, and then the next step from there is actually hand to waist. This is when you’re gonna actually touch her waist or put your arm around her waist or hold her waist.

The the midsection is a vulnerable area, so you know that if you go up to somebody and just touch them in their on their waist, if someone did that to you, let’s say just a guy comes up and does that to you? You’re gonna, be like whoa dude. You know so that is why these stages on how to seduce a girl, have to be done in a proper order.

“Make a woman feel safe with you.”

In order for them to be most effective and not feel weird. And for the woman to feel safe, it’s, a woman’s, primary need to feel safe, so she does want to feel you know sense of danger, but she wants to feel safe with you.

how to seduce

This can also look like giving her a hug either from behind or in front. You know you’re hugging her, so it’s, your arms around her body. And then the next one in our list on how to seduce a girl from that is mouth to mouth. Now we’re, not talking CPR.

Here we’re talking, you’re, going to kiss her, so if all of that is okay. And she’s, feeling comfortable with that and giving you signs that that’s okay. You’re gonna kiss her and you’re actually gonna be surprised because the next stage might seem like you should do it first. But you should actually do it after you’ve already kissed her once.

If you’re, really certain you maybe are able to switch these two out, so the very next on how to seduce a girl is hand to head so hand to face.It’s like to you know touching her hair caressing. Her face holding her face like women love it when you do this. And the reason why that that is more intimate than actually kissing. Someone is because again they buy kissing.

You’re, getting reciprocation it’s very clear. If you’re getting reciprocation, whereas when you’re touching someone that’s, not a reciprocal action and you’re, touching someone in a vulnerable place like again.

“Follow the steps”

If somebody came up to you just touched your face, someone came up to you and just kissed you. You be like whoa, but it’s, also higher level of vulnerability by touching anywhere on the head. You know, if you hold hold your women.

how to seduce a girl

Also love it when you do this when you, when you sort of put your your hand around the back of their neck and kiss them. Or you know that sort of thing it’s, really really a major turn-on (Important note on dating tips for men). But it has to be done In the right sequence, otherwise it feels weird.

Another word or even assumed, consent in there. The next one on how to seduce a girl is hand to head. And then the next one from there that this is where you can now like start advancing fairly quickly. If you’re looking for sexual escalation. So it’s hand to body. If what would they call it in the old days first base?

Like you, you’re, basically touching everywhere, except for the goody zone, which is like the genital area. So if you’re touching her body, then that’s, the next stage and then the next stage after that is actually mouth to body.

So this is where you can now start kissing her on the body. We could start up where she you know she’s comfortable. You’ve, already kissed her so good. Then you can start working your way down on her neck on her shoulders.

the art of seduction
“kiss her”….

On her back, you can kiss her on the neck. I didn’t even say that, right now in her chest area. Her tummy, feet were ever except for again the genital area. So you guys still can’t go there just yet. I know you want to, but, and you’ll get there and if you’re just looking for sex. Or even if you, if you aren’t just looking.

But you’ve advanced already through multiple times of communication. Or you’ve, just gotten to know each other well enough that you know that you want to have relationship with each other in advance at this stage fairly quickly into the next into the next categories.

If you do it in the right stages in the right order. So what then, once you go from mouth to body, then the next thing is actually head to body. So this is where you get to touch the goodies, and so then that’s obviously, a lot more personal. And this could also include oral hope. And then from there you’re going to the final stage, which is intercourse and again even along all of these physical stages.


You need to be asking the woman for her consent. Is this okay? Does this feel good? Those are not gonna, be turn offs to say to a woman. Does this feel good to you like this? Are you okay with this? She’s, gonna say yes.

“Say it in a really sultry and seductive way.”

Yes, yes, if she’s like into it for sure yes and she’s gonna. Not only appreciate that you’re, asking her and appreciate that you’re respecting her. But the way you say it can also be a turn-on.

So if you’re, saying it in a really sultry and seductive way. Then it can actually enhance her arousal while at the same time protecting you legally and ethically. So there you have it those of the different stages of intimacy on how to seduce a girl (on our Dating tips for men blog). And I’ll just go through them again really quickly, so you know so we can just review.

Let’s, just review. So of course, first its eye to body. You’re, noticing the person that they’re attractive. Then it’s like you’re, acknowledging each other’s attractiveness. Then it’s, voice to voice or having some kind of communication with words. And then it’s hand to hand, on the hand and holding hands. And then it’s, hand to shoulder, and you know even pulling her in. Then it’s your hand to her waist, which includes hugging then, but it’s mouth to mouth.

Dating Tips

Then it’s, hand to face or hair, so kiss first then, touching of her anywhere in this vicinity. And then from there it’s hand to body touching her anywhere, except for the goody zone and then its mouth to body.

So remember that get that first mouth to body. Again anywhere except for the goody zone and then it’s, hand to goodies on or mouth to goodies and finally, of course it is sex there, you have it. Those are the stages of entire intimacy on how to seduce a girl.

“Do the steps properly and get the result you wanted”

If you don’t, do them in order, it’s gonna feel awkward. She’s, not gonna feel safe. She’s going to want to go slower. So that you can go back and do the steps properly, but if you do these in order, then you will get to the end result that you’re looking for and if at any point in time, remember this if at any point in time

She says no or stop or not right now or I’m, not ready. You have to listen (Another very important to note on this dating tips for men) to that because otherwise you could be in big trouble. And you won’t, get what you want with her or possibly with anyone and that’s no fun! Okay, so I hope that helped. If it did, please comment below. Peace 🙂

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