How to Make Your Ex Miss You? (The Best Strategy)

how to make your ex miss you
One of the most effective tips on how to make your ex miss you.

How to make your ex miss you? This is the Best Strategy that works and is very effective. Today we are going to talk about a topic why silence or the no contact strategy helps to make your ex wants you back. Many of you guys are eager to know how this works.

So clearly it’s a topic that lot of people wants to learn about. So, I am dedicating this blog about ignoring your ex and why it works to get them back? Make sure you go through this all to the end. Now before we dig into the psychology of ignoring your ex and why it works, let us quickly know what the no contact strategy involves.


Basically if you want a second chance with your ex, one of the important things you need to do is apply a period of no contact.

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The No Contact Strategy on how to make your ex miss you (The best strategy that you can use).

What I mean is that you need to ignore your ex for at least 4 weeks. So what is no contact? It exactly means what it sounds like. It has to be no phone calls, no text messages, no late night calls etc. The faster you can do this after your break up, the better it will be. However a lot of people are very skeptical about the effectiveness of this strategy.

how to make your ex miss you
Tips on how to make your ex miss you with the no contact strategy.

Because you know, at first it seems somewhat confusing. You might be thinking, how can i get my ex back if I completely ignore him/her? I will explain this now. This technique works like crazy. I personally know a lot of people who have used the same strategy and get amazing results. But the question here is why and how?

#1 Reason – It keeps you from screwing up and saves you from many things.

how to make your ex miss you
How to get your ex back by avoiding stupid things that blows up your chances.

You know 99% of the people are very emotional after a break up. And i have personally seen many people who has said or done pretty dumb things that blow up their chances of getting their spouse back. So simply put, most people let the emotions get the best of them, in the immediate aftermath of the breakup.


And end up doing something really dumb. Like begging and pleading with their spouse, bursting out in anger etc. So ignoring your ex is the first step that you don’t make this kind of mistake.

#2 Reason – It gives you some time to get your perspective right.

how to make your ex want you back
Getting your perspective right on how to make your ex want you back.

 So along this tip above, another benefit of getting silent after a breakup is it gives you time you handle on your own emotions. After a month of ignoring your ex, you will be already in a much better place psychologically. And also lot less likely to get angry or to break down with tears, when you start speaking to your ex again.


This no contact strategy also can give you a much better perspective on many things. There are many people who applied this strategy and finally realize that their ex is not worth pursuing back at all. And they find it was much better to move on. So essentially to sum it up, the no contact strategy puts you in a much better place. And you can think more clearly and be less influenced by your emotions.

#3 Reason – It makes an impact on your ex (Like a shock therapy).
how to make your ex miss you
Another tips how to make your ex want you back so bad like a shock therapy.

It makes the break up so difficult as much as possible for your ex. We are getting into the real psychology here. The no contact strategy is specially designed to shock your ex about learning what life is about. It lets them to realize what life is about when you are suddenly gone from their life. So imagine something like, losing someone who you used to be with daily in your life.


Take an example like your cell phone. We all used to be addicted to a cell phone in our daily life. Let’s say you need to handover your cell phone, for 24 hours to someone. After that you can have it back. Again tomorrow you need to hand it over for 48 hours and so on. After few days it will be hand over permanently for good. So what do you feel about this situations.

how to make my ex miss me
How to make my ex miss me by using the take away strategy?

If you lose your cell phone completely how would you feel? Or if you lose it less and less every day, how would you feel? So, having something valuable to you taken away permanently, it will be really hard to handle. The no contact strategy is exactly the same as taking away something permanently.

When you suddenly and completely disappear from your ex’s life, you are making the break up as painful as possible for him/her. They don’t have time to slowly let go of you. So by shutting down all modes of communication from them completely, they are force to face the reality of life without you.

“Shut down all modes of communication”
how to make your ex miss you
Learn how to make your ex miss you by shutting down all modes of communication.

And that’s going to make it very difficult for you ex rather than to slowly let it go. Now the question is, does making your ex painful about the break up, is it harsh or cruel? May be, but this is what they wanted when your ex wants to break up with you. So in reality you are giving your ex what they ask for. You are making them to realize the reality of your absence in their life.

A lot of time that can work to change their mind, on their own. It may sound too good to be true. But the intense emotion that you make your ex feel by completely vanishing from their life can make them take you back, all by itself. Even if that doesn’t happen, silence by itself is a powerful tool to get your ex desperate about you.

#4 Reason – It will make your ex miss you.

If you want to make you ex miss you, the most effective way is to disappear completely from their life. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. That’s really true. So if you want your ex to miss you then silence is one of the best ways.

#5 Reason – It gives your Ex time to let go off the negative memory.
how to get your ex back
How to get your ex back by allowing to focus on positive memories?

It gives your ex time to really focus on positive and nostalgic memories. There has been many scientific studies that proves that humans hardwired to forget negative memory faster than the positive ones.

So it means that if you ignore your ex and vanish from them, it force them to remember the good times you had together. They will remember the happier times more than the negative ones. You can’t deny it, because it works in the real world of relationships.

#6 Reason – It makes your ex wonder about you.
how to make your ex miss you
Another advice on how to make your ex miss you by making them wonder about you.

During this time of silence you will make your ex wonder why you vanished and what you doing. Now little bit of mystery in entry will create a serious thought to your ex about the breakup. So how do you create a curiosity? By leaving your ex in the dark and cutting off yourself from them completely for some time.

In fact any information you provide to your ex about you during breakup will do the opposite. So if they know if you are sitting at home doing certain things, they won’t be much curious about you.  Instead just by cutting off from them, you let them to think about you and let them imagine what you are doing?

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They will wonder why you are not reaching out to you all the time. They will wonder if you are with somebody new. You ex will feel quite stress out about it. So it makes their mind to go wild with all the possible scenarios about you.

#7 Reason- It will not make you as your Ex’s back up plan.
Don't let your ex keep you as his/her back up plan.
Don’t let your ex keep you as plan b on how to make your ex miss you.

It’s a very common thing for your ex to mentally keep you as a backup plan or a plan b option. This happen in case if they decide they doesn’t like being single or they can’t handle life without you around. That makes sense, if someone realize that they can get you back with a snap of a finger.


So by going completely silent after break up for a month or so, you are sending your, ex a clear message. You are saying your ex that you are not going to be their back up plan. You are saying you are ready to move into bigger and better things. This is going to plant the seeds of clarity in your ex mind. It can make somewhat scary feelings for them. And because of this I recommend you being close to your ex after breaking up is a bad idea.

#8 Reason – It will give you more time to become awesome.
Become the best you can be
An advice on how to make your ex want you back is by becoming awesome.

During this time of no contact you should try to become more successful and more awesome. Become more confident, more attractive and better in every way. So silence not only makes your ex miss you, or you screwing up it also allow you focus on improving yourself. And become the best version of yourself during this time.

how to get your ex back

It may sound meaningless but think about how they would feel if they knew about you during this time of no contact. When you see your ex after the no contact period is over, you would be able to show many things. You will also be able to show lots of interesting thing when you meet them back.

#9 Reason – No contact strategy works the best.
The no contact strategy is the best strategy
The no contact formula is the best strategy on how to get your ex back?

There is no more better strategy than this. Trust me when i say this, that the no contact strategy is one of the best strategy to get your ex back. In any case whatsoever, there is no magic sentence that you can speak, to get your ex back. There is no such thing as quick fix strategy or anything like that.


So using the silence strategy is the best way to get your ex back. If you got any suggestions or questions please feel free to comment below. More blogs coming up on how to make your ex miss you. Stay connected. Peace 🙂

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