How to KISS A Guy (How To Make out With A Guy)

how to kiss a guy

How to kiss a guy? *Kissing Tips (On How To Make out with A Guy). Hi in this blog I’m going to share 6 simple tips or steps to kiss him like a pro. I’m going to share a simple 6 step process that you can use to really activate and impress a man by kissing him. Even if you have never kissed him before or any guy. So I’m really excited to go into this topic. I have also created some great content in our website. You can browse and check it out.

That’s going to really help in your connections and relationships with men. So girls, go ahead and comments below after this. Let us know what are your favorite ways on how to kiss a guy? Any interesting ways that you found to really turn him on and ignite them. And create that true intimate connection with him? I’d love for many of us to start sharing these ideas in the comments, so we can all become a better kisser.


So Lets dig into these kissing tips. Who doesn’t love about it? We all know it’s a great & intimate way to connect with your men and to turn him on. However it can be much more than that. I really want you to look at kissing just like a dance. It’s a powerful form of physical connection or communication. That allows you to build real intimacy with your man which you are looking to get to know.


“Kissing Tips (how to kiss a guy or how to make out with a guy) – The Intimate Tension”

And kissing is a great representation & expression of the masculine and also feminine energy dynamics between the men and women. So the Bottom line is. You can create incredible bonding with your man through kissing him, the right way. So you might be asking this? what’s an incredible bonding? I will give you the definition based upon my personal experience.

And that is incredible bonding or also called as polarity. Is when the fully embodied masculine & feminine energies comes together. And creates this electricity and dance together in this very beautiful synergistic flow with one another. Polarity is how relationships just unfold & expand.

how to kiss a guy

And I’m sure most women felt it at some point in their life. And also in some of your partnerships. When they are easy and when they have been powerful. When you didn’t need to force them for them to work & to grow. Polarity is like a delicious and a cute tension that exists between you & your partner. When he’s in his masculine and when you’re in your feminine. And the 2 of you are just doing what you’ve been designed to do naturally.

And now I’m going to give you the 6 step process that’s going to help you ignite that polarity within your man. Encouraging him to step deeper into his strength & deepen your connection with him. And for each of these 6 steps on how to kiss a guy, I am also going to tell you what you need not to do. So, it’s more like 11 – 12 really valuable kissing tips that are going to make you become a better kisser. So, get ready & let’s do this.


“Initiate Your Man”

#1 tips on how to kiss a guy is to invite him to start or initiate the kiss non-verbally. One of the important concept in polarity is that your man gets to be the physical driver of that relationship, most of the time. And the kissing is a perfect way to make that pattern & dynamic between the 2 of you. So if you date or the experience with a man is going great and if you want him to kiss you. The 1st step in this process is to initiate your man to do it non-verbally.

Because here’s the fact. If you just verbally ask him or invite a man to kiss you, it may kill your chemistry & the polarity too. Imagine saying, I would like you to kiss me now. Or saying like, would you just shut up & kiss me? My lips are like a thirsty dry desert over here. So, can you see how from a women’s perspective that might be really weird?

So how can you invite him to kiss you, Non verbally? One of the most *powerful tools you have in this thing, are your eyes and your smile. So what you need to do is, you look him in the eyes and then smile. And then look down at his lips again for just a second & then look back up. While he is looking at you? That will send a very powerful signal non verbally of what it is, that you want.

how to kiss a guy well

“How to get a guy to kiss you with the non verbal signal”

And this may not be the most flattering comparison. But it’s so accurate? Think about the time, when a dog wants to be fed. May be like if you have a dog and he is really hungry. He is going to look at you until he sees that you are looking at him. Then he’s going to look at his bowl. And he’s gonna look at you again. And he’s gonna look at his bowl and he’s gonna look at you again & again.

It’s effective right, kind of a similar thing. Another powerful nonverbal signal to get a man to kiss you is to be open to him. Open body physically with your shoulders, open body in the way that you are positioning your hips towards him. That’s going to let him know that you are interested. And invite him to come forward.

And this next nonverbal signal is like licking your lips during conversation. When i am on a date & a woman is licking her lips? I often get that feeling to kiss her because it just feels like it’s something that she really want. And this last nonverbal kiss signal might be the best one of all. Is to allow for an awkward pause in the conversation between you and the man.

how to make out with a guy

And right, this is a classic Seinfeld reference if you got that. By the way, but sometimes as a man, especially when we’ve never kissed you before. It may also feel very aggressive right to cut off the flow of a good conversation and to go in for that first kiss. But by you allowing the conversation to sort of dwindle down a little bit.

“Tips on how to become a better kisser (Slow him down)”

And then using some of those other nonverbal signals that we’ve already talked about with your eyes. And with your smile in your body language. You were basically rolling out the red carpet for him to lock lips with you.

#2 Kissing tips on how to kiss a guy well is, once he initiates. You want to meet him where he’s at. And then slow him down. This is important because most of the times when a man initiate physical contact or a kiss. He’s going to be coming in hot. And if you don’t slow him down right away. You’re really going to miss an opportunity to really deliciously & slowly build tension and polarity with him.

how to kiss a guy on the neck

And potentially quickly turns a hookup or a date into a physical space that maybe you’re not ready for. Remember, ladies, it’s your job as the conductor of the relationship to truly set the tempo. And build it up with him to a increase of passion and polarity. So if he comes in kissing you aggressively, right, kiss his lips gently. And then pull back a little bit, inviting him to come forward again, but much softer.

If he’s paying attention, he will get the picture. But if he is not feeling free to take his head, take charge a little bit, you know. And just kind of guide him into how you want to be kissed and how gently you want to be kissed. It may be the stop he needs, if he’s caught up in the heat of the moment.

“How to become a good kisser by building the intensity”

#3 step on how to kiss a guy is to build the intensity of the kiss with different sensations. Believe me, it gets boring fast, when a woman has a repetitive and boring kissing style. And I got a real story about that. I was on a date with a girl we had never kissed before. But we had incredible chemistry. I was very much attracted to her. We have this amazing dynamic and then finally it came time to lock lips.

how to become a better kisser

And guess what she had one move. She literally would do two kisses and then pull away two kisses and then pull away. It was weird. She was just over and over and over again, she wouldn’t mix it up. She wouldn’t sustain a kiss with me for any period of time. This went on for like 15-20 minutes. I got really bored and frustrated.

And I started feeling like maybe I was making out with a malfunctioning machine. Or maybe I’m just in the matrix and the program is corrupted. And I just, I don’t know, it just was not a fun experience. So ladies, make sure to mix it up with a guy that you are dating. Feather your lips across his and then press them in hard. Pull back a little bit and tease him.

There is a little thing I like to call the Magic Inch. And it’s where your mouths are really close to each other but not quite touching. The more you can sort of use that Magic Inch. It’s going to build so much tension and polarity with him. Use your teeth softly pull his bottom lip a little bit. I guarantee you that’ll be interrupt any kissing autopilot, he may have gotten himself into it.

“Learn how to kiss your man with your tongue”

Don’t be afraid to use your tongue. Just be sure to start lightly so you can gauge how much tongue he’s into. Bottom line is just get creative, keep things new and interesting and pay attention to how he’s responding. In fact, there is no exact right or wrong way to do this. You just don’t want to get into that same pattern of kissing in the same way over and over again. It’ll get boring for both you.

#4 on how to kiss a guy is you want to use your body to deepen the passion of a kiss. Because here’s the thing, it’s definitely depolarizing to a man to feel like a woman is keeping him at arm’s length while they’re kissing. Kind of like one of those awkward prom dances. You know, the type of dance where you have to keep your date at arm’s length. Because you don’t want the chaperones to get mad at you. Don’t kiss again.

It’s not a good luck. So if you really want to build heat with him, use your body. Press yourself up against him. When your lips are connected. Wrap your hands around the back of his head and then use your nails down the back of his neck. All the way down his spine. That is going to give him goosebumps and drive him absolutely crazy. Don’t be afraid to even sway your hips gently against him.

“Tips on how to kiss a guy on the neck (Kissing Tips)”

If you want to let him know that you’re turning him on. This is of course for a kiss that you know, is going places, if you know what I’m saying. Just remember that touch is a primary love language for almost all men. So you can’t go wrong, touching them more.

#5 (advice on how to kiss a guy) is to guide him to kiss your neck. I know that is a sweet spot for most women. But here’s the thing, ladies, men are not mind reader’s. We don’t know if you are open or wanting us to kiss your neck. So be the conductor and give us some guidance. So here’s a few fun tricks to direct him to the sweet spot.

One way is when you’re kissing and when you’re making out, pretend that you have to come up and take a breath right. And as you breathe in, he’ll be angling your neck towards his face. It’s going to be a powerful invitation for him to just go for it. And another one Almost foolproof way to get him to kiss your neck is to start kissing his ear. Which is a huge hots pot for a lot of men.

how to kiss a guy well

We’re going to go through all the hot spots in my next tip. But if you start kissing his ear, it’s actually putting your neck right at his face level. Which is going to you know, give him something to do while you’re kissing his ear and driving him crazy and turning him on. And if all else fails, ladies don’t be afraid to just grab a fistful of his hair and pull his head down to where you want him to kiss you.

“Don’t be afraid to take control (Important tips on how to make out with a guy)”

Whether that be your neck or anywhere else on your body. I know a lot of women are so afraid of being masculine right in the bedroom and out of the bedroom. That they’re unwilling to ever take charge or just like show a man what they want. And I’m here to tell you these masculine and feminine energies we’re talking about this polarity, it is fluid.

So it is okay for you to take control and be the physical driver in a relationship or in a physical situation. As long as you’re not there all the time, you don’t want to be running his show in the bedroom all the time. But as men, we appreciate it if you take charge every now and again.

And #6 Last step how to kiss a guy like a pro is to make sure to kiss all of his hot spots. Which may or may not include, right, these are common hot spots for most man. His ears and I mean his upper ear. And most importantly, his inner ear, for a lot of men, if that’s one of their things. A little tongue inside his ear a little bit will absolutely drive him bananas.

So try it, see how he responds, see if he likes it. Or maybe it’s too intense. Either way, go for it. Also his neck and this might be under his chin. Or around his Adam’s apple, and maybe in the back of his neck like under his ear. Again, you want to test and you want to kiss different places and then see how his body responds. He’s often not going to say anything.

“Know these body parts”

But you’ll be able to tell him what He’s twitching or squirming or moaning for you. And if you’re kissing your way down his body, don’t forget about his collarbone. Right? Right around his collarbone is extremely sensitive for most men. And even our nipples. Women don’t really think about this right? But men’s nipples are extremely sensitive and they very rarely get any stimulation in their lives.

Kissing Tips

So you kissing on his nipples and playing with them can be incredibly arousing. And often surprising to a man if a woman’s never done it to him before. And if you’re working your way down his body with your lips, do not forget about his lower abs right? Because that creates such a delicious polarizing tension for you to be kissing him right around, you know, his bread basket.

But you’re not quite there. The skin is very sensitive. And it is going to drive him wild. And not just his lower abs but also down in his inner thighs. This is for most men. A really magic spot and it’s so close to everything else. That it’s going to create a sort of electricity with him and a polarity that few other kissing spots will. And that’s just a handful of a man’s hot spots. So I invite you to kiss a man all over his body.

“Pay attention”

And pay close attention to how he responds. Where does he squirm or moan? Where does he gasp bright. That’s when you know boom, you hit one of his. Because for a lot of men, we all might have different preferences. So there you go, ladies, a six step process on how to kiss a guy like a pro. And trust me when I say it works. Step one is to invite him to initiate the kiss, non verbally.

how to kiss a guy

Using your eyes and your smile, your body language. That beautiful, delicious, awkward pause and so many other techniques right. There are many ways to activate a man and invite him irresistibly to lock lips with you. And step two (On how to make out with a guy). Once he initiate meeting where he’s at, and then slow him down. Remember ladies, men have a tendency to come in hot.

And it’s your job as the conductor, to reel him in, get him to pump the brakes. Slowly start building that delicious tension and polarity with you. And step three on how to make out with a guy, is build the intensity of the kiss with different sensations. Remember, men thrive off variety. So use your tongue. Use your teeth use different intensities of pressure with your lips.

And it’s going to knock him out of autopilot and prevent him from getting bored.Don’t be a robotic cyborg matrix kisser. And step four use your body to deepen the passion of the kiss. Don’t make a kiss and awkward prom dance. Get in there, press your body up against him, use your hands he used your nails man love touch.

“A Reminder”

It is a primary love language for most of us. And he will really appreciate and be activated by that. And Step five on how to make out with a guy. Guide him to kiss your neck or anywhere else you want to. Position your body in a way where your neck or whatever you want him to kiss is right there in front of his face and in the heat of passion, he should go for it.

If all else fails, grab him by the back of his head and pull him right where you want him. He’ll get off on it, i promise. And Last (step six) on how to kiss your man, is be sure to kiss all of his hot spots. And remember, those are going to vary from man to man. Some men, we love getting our ears kissed very deeply and passionately. Other man, they might think it’s sensory overload or even that it’s kind of gross, right? So it’s going to be up to you to sort of gently exploring different areas of his body and really figuring out what are his triggers?

What make him moan, twitch and squirm for you. So think of it like a fun little treasure hunt. So hope you enjoy these tips. Ladies, don’t forget to let us know in the comments, what are your favorite ways to kiss a man are ways that you create incredible tension and polarity with him using your mouth. Thanks so much. More blogs coming up on Kissing Tips, how to kiss a guy or how to make out with a guy. Stay Connected. See you soon. Bye bye 🙂

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