How to Give ORAL to a Woman: Make Her Cum with Your Tongue (ORAL SEX)

how to give oral

How to give Oral to a woman: Make Her Cum with Your Tongue (ORAL SEX). As much as you guys, love blowjobs, ladies, can absolutely bliss out during a state of art oral sex. It’s like there’s, something truly magical about the combination of deeply sensitive genital area and gentle. And wet touch of the tongue and the mouth. As it is the case with anything in life, the more prepared you are. The more knowledgeable you are on How to give Oral to a woman, the better you’ll, be at performing it.

So particularly her inner arms and legs will respond really really well to oral touch. Make sure to touch and caress her entire body first, in order to activate fully her sensitivity and sensuality. And remember that her breasts will respond really well to your oral loving.


If you’re in a rush to get to their main bit. You will communicate to her that there is a certain urgency in this experience. That is a job to be done that and it should be done quickly. This will reduce her ability to relax and surrender. Which are two qualities really crucial for a woman to reach the fullness of her orgasmic potential.

how to give oral

“Learn How to give oral to a woman by teasing her”

Remember that a woman needs on average four times longer than a man does to orgasm. And give her the time she needs slow down. We all love to be teased and in fact It’s, so true that it’s. So much more about the journey than it is about the destination. So don’t try to rush her towards any particular outcome.

But instead tease her and entice her desire and play with her body. And until she’s begging you for More,Tease her by getting down between her legs and get close. So that she can feel your breath on her skin. But not touching her and that will drive crazy, because there’s. A burning desire there to be satisfied. But you should remains just out of reach until you decide to move closer.

You can stimulate her with your breath without actually touching her. Breath on her vulva or blow on her vulva before you touch her. Or as a break between the times when you’re touching her. And either use cold air and blow as if you were blowing out a candle. You can use warm air and open your mouth and make a ha sound.

“Learn when to penetrate – (know the timings – Effective oral sex tips)”

And you can also alternate between their cold and hot air for even more stimulation and excitement. Opened her up and I mean that literally and physically pull her outer lips apart. When you are stimulating her with your tongue – because this is extremely stimulating for a woman. In a similar way – that a man craves to penetrate to move forward when a woman is aroused. She craves her body craves to be opened and To be penetrated.

how to give oral to a woman

Remain attentive and watch for any signs of tension or discomfort in her body. Men tend to be too forceful when it comes to touching the vulva. Because they assume that the vulva likes the same or a similar level of pressure that a a penis Would. And this is not the case, so you really need to watch for any signs of her withdrawing or tensing up. You know it you need to back away. when you’re caressing and licking or kissing Her genitals.

Imagine that they’re, the most precious thing in the world and remain extremely patient, gentle, soft, loving and kind. As she gets more aroused she might be asking you for firmer pressure, but always start with a very soft touch. Always err on the side of caution, because her intimate beats are extremely sensitive. Don’t start with the clitoris.

“Don’t start with the clitoris – start with the outer labia – (Effective Tips on how to give oral to a woman)”

Instead prepare the entire area piece and lick and suck on her outer labia, first caressing them and stroking them. Then move on to her inner labia and a caress and kiss them as well. You can also allow your tongue to slowly and lovingly move up and down from her vaginal opening all the way up to her clitoris and then back down again.

how to give oral

This is a very beautiful and arousing shock for a woman. Make sure to explore and caress her vaginal opening. This is a very sensitive area that can experience a lot of pleasure. Also make little circles around her creatures before you get to the clitoris.

This is the most sensitive area of her genital Anatomy. So you want to make sure that everything is properly activated. And engorge and happy before you move on to giving much more touch and effort into her clitoris. But when you finally get to it making and drawing Little shapes or the letters of the alphabet on the clitoris. And exploring different sides and areas of the clitoris is an old trick that is actually still pretty good.

When you’re, not certain whether she’s, enjoying your touch ask for her feedback. Not certain about the level of pressure that you’re using ask for her feedback. And when you’re, not certain how give her even more private pleasure ask for her feedback.

oral sex
“Take time and build her arousal (effective oral sex tips)”

Another time you will build a familiarity with her body where you’ll, be able to play her like an instrument. Knowing how much pressure and how much touch to apply in order to build her arousal and her pleasure. But also when to back off.

In a way to tease her in order to teach her a little longer. You can also speak dirty to her, and I do realize that during an oral sex situation. You might be having a mouthful. But whenever you’re, not and whenever you can make sure to tell her how gorgeous her pussy is. And how much you’re enjoying her sweet, sweet, taste and, lastly, have a great time.

The more you enjoy yourself. The more she will enjoy what you’re doing so keep loving her pussy with your tongue. Keep digging deeper and deeper into her pleasure, because if you’re, not having a good time, it’s, not likely that she will. I hope that you enjoyed this blog on How to Give ORAL to a Woman and that you got a lot of value out of my tips. Peace 🙂

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