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How to Get ORGASM During SEX (& Make Her Squirt – How to Hit the G SPOT). In the last 20 years, the most commonly asked question from women around the world is: how to get orgasm from intercourse? Most women feels that they never gonna be able to have an orgasm through intercourse. Real man always do the right way to please his women and how to make her squirt.

Many thought it for years and then they compared themselves to other women. They felt bad about themselves, because they thought there was something wrong with them. And they struggled as it was hard enough to even have an orgasm from their lover touching them all over or going down.


But then I learned about the inner vagina. & I actually learn the capacity on how to get orgasm through intercourse. So there’s this myth out there that you either have it or you don’t have it. You’re, either born with the ability to orgasm through intercourse or you’re not.

how to make her squirt

And I want to bust that in this article and show you the exact steps that you can use to have an an awesome orgasm through intercourse. I’m, going to tell you and your partner what you need to do in order to experience these regularly. & how to make her squirt the real intense way. Man needs to learn on how to satisfy a women he loves…

Discover how to get orgasm or how to make her squirt, slow and steady way?

So if you’re, the partner of a woman – and you’re reading this and you want to bring her to orgasm through intercourse, stick around. Because I have a very specific process that’s Gonna help.You just came to the right place. If you want to experience epic, sex, legendary love and orgasms through intercourse. Learn how to satisfy a women?

Having an orgasm through intercourse (how to make her squirt), happens in 2 ways.

how to satisfy a women
  1. The first is you want to make sure that your partner is giving you the proper stimulation.

2. The second is you want to train yourself and your sexual capacities to be able to do this.

So I’m gonna share both of these with you in this article. The first part is you want to make sure you’re giving her the right kind of stimulation. So men out there or women with a strap-on. I’m now gonna tell you exactly what you need to do to bring her to orgasm.

To go slow & steady is the name of the game. This is the best way to how to make her squirt. While hard and fast thrusting can sometimes feel great to a woman. It is hardly ever orgasmic, use the correct technique. So think of the kind of stimulation that works for her clitoris. She doesn’t like hard and fast or really really intense. She’s probably gonna punch you If you try and do that to her clitoris.

Learn how to have a real Sexual intimacy & how to satisfy a women. Keep reading…

That seems steady, smooth pressure and sensitivity which works wonders on her clitoris is gonna. Do the same thing for her deep vagina and hit the right spots. The most sensitive part of her vagina is her G-spot or called as cervix, and also those are the most potentially orgasmic.

So you wanna make sure that that’s what you’re, coming into contact with, as you’re slowly thrusting. You can easily access her G-spot through a doggy style or any position where you’re behind her. Like if you’re spooning from behind, her cervix is accessed through deep thrusting. So her legs can be up over her head. Or if you raise up her pelvis with a pillow.

Any position where you can thrust deeply is great. But again to go slow and steady is gonna access her cervix. Spend enough time (they can take up to 45 minutes for a woman’s true orgasmic potential to open) Especially in the cervix the g-spot can take 20 to 30 minutes. So we’re talking about some manly stamina here on how to get orgasm with your performance.

how to get orgasm

How to get orgasm with self pleasure?

Don’t mix It up. stay the course. So the biggest mistake is if she starts experiencing pleasure as you’re penetrating her. You don’t to like doing all these crazy positions and trying to impress her. Know you want to keep doing the exact same thing, the more excited she gets.

The more you stay the course and keep doing the exact same thing in the exact same position. And let her build and build and build her pleasure. Pay attention to energy. You can feel into when it’s time to change things up. But you’re really feeling into her body and her energy as well as aware of your own energy.

So you should be penetrating her with your presence, with your mind just as much as with your cock or with your dildo. This is super important. You can bring her to real orgasm from having your penis or the dildo held up against her cervix. Absolutely and totally still.

One of the most important elements on how to get orgasm is just to be there 100% for her. You’re not just pushing her towards orgasm. You’re really following her body and her pleasure and being there with her no matter what.


Ladies, I’m now gonna share with you. Exactly what you need to do to develop your inner vaginal capacity and understand how to get orgasm. Develop your sensitivity. The deep vagina is often desensitized and even numbed if you self-pleasure only with your clitoris. You’re not really, training your brain to be able to orgasm through intercourse. Self-pleasure with inner orgasms, make it a regular practice when you self-pleasure to use a jade egg or a crystal dildo.

“Discover the secrets to real sexual intimacy”

The reason why you wanna to do this is you’re gonna train your brain to be able to orgasm from intercourse. If you only self-pleasure using your hands, you’re, always having orgasms only from your clitoris. What happens is that you strengthen your brain’s capacity to orgasm from your clitoris. But you’re, never strengthening your ability to have a deep real vaginal orgasm.

How to Get orgasm During sex

And wiring your brain and body to be able to have orgasms through intercourse, heal, any pain or tenderness. Sometimes you may have experienced really intense pain or discomfort in the g-spot. Especially in the cervix if it gets knocked.

If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort with any regularity, May be it’s time for some sexual healing. So the past traumas, but even fear or negative beliefs about sexuality can get trapped in the inner vagina and cause discomfort and Pain.

If you have that, then maybe you want to do sexual healing using the D armoring process. And I go into detail about how you can use that in this article here. Open your expectations. Don’t, look for the clitoral type of orgasms, so like an explosive firework.

Don’t expect an inner orgasm just to feel like a clitoral orgasm. Look for something that feels deep oceanic, almost subtle at first time. If you’re only expecting a clitoral style orgasm, you might miss your deep vaginal intense orgasm, completely develop your capacity orgasms through intercourse, get strengthened over time.

Female G Spot

You need to remember that your brain and body actually work together to get better and better at certain types of orgasm. So the more often you work on having an orgasm from your deep vagina and through penetration, the better you’re, going to get at it at first.

“Learn how to satisfy a women the way she wants it”

You might feel like. Is that really happening? I’m, not even sure, but if you stick with it and really believe that it’s possible, you’re, going to get stronger. And you’re gonna feel more powerful orgasms. Learn to trust and surrender.. Orgasm with a partner, especially through intercourse, is a huge expression of trust and deep surrender. The simple way on how to get orgasm is through this…

The part of your brain that looks out for danger goes totally quiet when you have an orgasm with a partner. That means you have to trust them completely. This can be so difficult for many of us. And, if you struggle with that learning, breath work, and learning to breathe deeply during sex is one of the fastest ways to actually drop into a surrendered state and be able to orgasm with a partner.

make her squirt

You might also need to do some therapy around things that are holding you back. Or maybe some of your deeper fears. So orgasming through intercourse with a partner, is one of the most incredible things a women will ever experienced in her body. To be able to Feel so much pleasure, so much depth and openness. And to be able to look into my partner’s eyes.

It absolutely overwhelms me, and so, even though it can take time literally a lot of time to develop this skill and this capacity. I really encourage you to do it because it is so valuable and such a rich experience. It’s been an absolute Pleasure sharing this on how to get orgasm or how to satisfy a women, Please feel free to share with me in the comment section below.

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