How to Flirt With a Girl

How to FLIRT With a Girl (8 SEXY FORMULA THAT WORKS LIKE CRAZY). Today we are going to be (talking about how to flirt with a girl). *I will tell you some specific examples of what to say to a girl when you talk to her.

More importantly, I’m going to be giving you the underlying principles of why these lines work. And You’ll understand what flirting is really all about. How you can come up with some of your own lines when you want to flirt with a girl that you like.

Before, I go into some of the examples on How to flirt With a girl. I wrote a blog post very recently. It’s going to give you my secret tip on dating a younger women (PANTY DROPPING FORMULA).Make sure to check it out.


Read that post and leave a comment below there. Tell me what you think. Make sure you check it out. And learn exactly how to take this process to the next level. What is flirting and what’s the point? If you don’t know what flirting is, flirting is what I call the mating dance between a man and a woman.

How to flirt With

If you want a woman attracted to you. You have to do that mating dance. This is what all animals, all creatures have to do. Flirting is the process in which that happens. What’s the point of it? It’s going to get the girl, a woman attracted to you.

Learn How to flirt with a girl (Verbal Flirting SEXY FORMULA THAT WORKS LIKE CRAZY)

That’s what you want. There’s all different ways, different types of flirting. I will write more on How to Flirt With A Girl in my upcoming blogs. Today, we’re going to concentrate specifically on verbal flirting. Exactly what to say to a girl so she knows that you’re flirting with her, then you can get her to like you.

There’s two parts to verbal touch of flirting, there’s verbal flirting and physical flirting. Like I said, I have some other blogs on this website. Check this blog also, which I just recently put out. There’s how to touch a girl and many ways to make her want you.

That would be more of a physical flirting. Check out some of those blogs. Again, today, we’re talking about verbal flirting. Those are the two types. That’s how you’re going to flirt with her, verbal and physical. Physical, a.k.a., I would say that would be called nonverbal as well. Here’s the first line. There’s no significant order for these, it’s a bunch of lines that I know, that I’ve used that have worked out really well.

You can understand what this stuff means. This 1ST one here is, you know, I don’t think it could work out *between us. You are not my type. You’re *probably thinking like, whoa, that sounds harsh.

You’re going to say that to a girl? You know, I don’t think it could work out between this. You’re just not my type. blah blah blah again.. Here’s the trick for this one to make this flirty. You can’t just say that to a girl, that’d be pretty mean.

how to flirt with a

“Learn to smile”

There’s ways to say that. What if you said it with a smile? That is the key here. That’s part of flirting too, is when you say these lines. You want to do it with a smile. It’s almost like a half to three fourth smile to let her know that you’re just having fun with her.

& this is what I would call the flirty smile. Then you say it in a way that’s like, ya know, I don’t think it could work out between us. You’re just not my type. You say that while you’re smiling. Like you’re kidding.

Let her know that you’re joking around. The reason why this is flirting and this is like that dance I was talking about is because you’re bringing up this idea that she could be your type. You’re saying that she’s not as a joke, but you’re starting to enter into the conversation like, wait a minute, we’re talking about types, like what? You’re bringing up this idea of you two being together.

That’s flirting. Flirting is very mysterious. It’s very like subliminal attraction in a way. You’re saying to the person that you’re attracted to them, that you like them, but you’re not really coming 100% out with it.

I will show you what that might look like in a little bit with another example. On how to flirt With a girl. That’s this one right here. Here’s another one. This is one what I would call more of an intense type of statement. Because you’re being out with it, in terms of showing interest with this girl.

What is flirting

“Flirting tips about giving compliments”

You’re saying, that blank looks amazing on you. You’re not going to say the word blank, you’re going to say whatever it is, that dress looks amazing on you. Those earrings look amazing on you.

That scarf looks amazing on you, whatever it is. That blank looks amazing on you. That’s flirting. Again, my guess is a little less subliminal here. This is more like you’re showing intent. This is a way of flirting because you’re still not really telling her. That you like her.

You’re just giving her an awesome compliment. Compliments are one of the keys to flirting. The underlying principle on this one is that you want to use some compliment to get her feeling good. Showing her that, you’re almost telling her like, this guy might be into me.

verbal flirting

You want her to think that you might be into her. If she doesn’t think that, guess where you end up? In the friend zone. Use this one, that blank looks amazing on you. As far as when you should say this stuff, it all depends.

You can use this when you’re in conversation with her. You can use this maybe in the beginning of approach, it’s up to you. You can use these wherever, it’s up to you to test it out. Use these lines and see how it works for you and come up with some of your own.

The next one is, I’m not sure what it is yet, but there’s something interesting about you… I really like this one because this one is like another subtle way of saying to her like, I like you.

“physical flirting”

I’m not sure yet, like you’re just playing with it. You’re kind of dancing with her this idea, which you might have heard of, called Push Pull. Like, you’re pushing her away a little bit, then you’re bringing her in.

You’re making that you’re not sure. Again, why are you doing this? Why is this part of the dance? This is the mysteriousness that sparks attraction, that makes her like, who is this guy into me? I’m not sure? Like I don’t know what it is.

Plus, if you do put everything on the line and you do just give her a bunch of tons of compliments, you’re gonna be showing that you’re needy. It’s not very alpha. You’ll say, I’m not sure what it is yet.

But there’s something interesting about you. You’re letting her know like, I’m starting to dig you a little bit, starting to get into you. You’d say this one once you first meet a girl.

You’re talking to her for like 20- 25 minutes and you’ll say, I’m not sure what it is yet, but there’s something interesting about you. The next one is something a little bit with more intent.

You’d say, I’m not sure what it is yet, but there’s something I like about you… It’s a different way of saying. I just wanted to give you few options here. I’m not really sure what it is yet, but may be there’s something I like about you.

How to flirt With
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That’s another thing that I would say. I like this one probably better than the last one. On How to flirt With a girl. It’s a little bit more flirty. I like using statements that are way more intentional. You’re telling her, but again, you’re telling her, but you’re not.

I’m not #sure what it is yet, but there’s *something I like about you. That’s a very powerfully flirtatious statement.

The next one is bringing to a little bit more of a sexual level. If you keep talking like that, I’m going to have to spank you! You’re going to do that one with a smile too.

Sorry, not that one. You’re going to do this one with a smile too. With this one, you want to show that you’re being playful. I only want you to say a line like this if you make a connection. Don’t say this right away.

It’s gonna be creepy. Say it when you guys have already made a connection. You can tell she’s already starting to like you a little bit. When you’re going to say this, you’re going to say this. When she says something like, maybe she’s complaining about something, or she’s saying something negative. Or she says something that you disagree with.

How to flirt With

You’re like, if you keep talking like that, I’m gonna have to spank you. She might challenge you and say, go ahead and then you do it. She’ll like it. Here’s another one. I love this one.

Comment below – “Dady I want More”

What am I going to do with you? ( smile) This one is really intense. This one is like, you’re not saying anything overtly sexual, but there’s a lot of sexual connotation in this. Again, very subliminal.

What am I going to do with you and you do with a smile. You can say this anytime. It’s like you’re saying to her subliminally with great eye contact and with a smile that you just really like her.

That’s how you’re saying it, but you’re not overtly saying I like you. You’re saying what am I going to do with you? It just very playful, very sexual. Those are some of my tips there.

If you want to hear more of these, if you want more verbal flirting lines, here’s what I want you to do. In the comments below, I want you to write, DADY, I WANT MORE! exclamation point, all in caps. *On How to flirt With a girl?

I want to see how many comments we can get that says, DADY, I WANT MORE! all in capitals with an exclamation point. It’s fun to see all those and it’s going to show me that you want more of these lines so you can use them.

Write in the comments, DADY, I WANT MORE! Like I said, go and check out my other blogs. It’s my latest blog post, which is going to teach you my secret tips on How to flirt With a girl and showing you how to get better at this.

I’m going to break down into a science what you can do to get better at flirting in general. (How to FLIRT With A Girl). That’s it for today. Thanks so much for your time. Don’t forget to comment, check out the other blogs. Peace 🙂

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