How to Become More Attractive? (AGE IS JUST A NUMBER) By SexyDady!

how to become more attractive
Some Easy Tips on How to become more attractive?

How to become more attractive? Remember age is just a number & doesn’t matter at all. Many people wonder why other people don’t like us and assume several reasons by themselves. Sometimes we think is it because how we look or how we smell? Or maybe you talk too much and think you are really boring.

If you think people are attracted towards you because of your fashion, grooming or may be genetics you are mistaken. Remember that your personality is just as more important than your external physical appearance. And maybe you need to prepare better hygiene as well if that is needed. But most importantly you need to practice your social skills.

How to become more attractive?
Learn how to become more attractive by personal development?

Tips on how to become more attractive by becoming the best you can be (At any Age because Age is Just A Number)!

In today’s online world people are very much misinformed. Your personal development is not bound by your age. Whether you are 20 or 75 there will always be room for improvement in life. Learning and improving never stop at any age. So stop believing in your age and start believing that you can always be a better person at any age.


When you always focus on improving your life, it will lead you to live a happier and more content life. You will become a more attractive person in your personal and professional life. Let’s dig in some tips on how to become more attractive with your personal development in life.

1. Learn to Practice your conversation skills:

how to be more attractive
Tips on how to be more attractive developing your conversation skills.

May be you are an introvert and someone who doesn’t like socializing. But the best way to make new friends and become closer to the one’s you have is by this. You are not required to change who you are and no need to stop doing what you are doing now. But you need to give a better effort always to improve your social skills.

A positive and open body language will make you seem more approachable and engaging to others. Always make eye contact and lean forward slightly, while still respecting other people’s personal space. Smile and also practice active listening instead of simply waiting your turn to speak. Try to pay attention to the ideas and emotions that others are trying to communicate with you.


Find common grounds and ask question.

Always acknowledge what they have to say and never interrupt when someone is talking. Find common interesting ground when having a conversation with others. Maintain a list of ice breakers in your head to help with small conversations. Instead of talking about the weather, you can talk about something that interest them, like books, movies or TV shows.

Ask something like, do you enjoy that local restaurants? Try to ask questions when the conversation starts to be dying down and there is nothing to talk. Stay on a track about something nice that the person has shown interest in. You can ask them about what they like to do or may be some hobbies. Ask about what they think about certain ideas and topics.

Watch video on how to be attractive by throwing few jokes.

What they did recently with their friends or family? But always try to respect others personal space and privacy. You could be great and stunning on the outside. But if these conversation skills don’t come easily to you, it may be hard for you achieve success in your personal relationships & your career.

2. Try to actively seek out social settings:

How to make yourself more attractive with social skills?
Another tip on how to make yourself more attractive by practicing some social skills.

If you happen to be an introvert, this one might even seem more difficult than the previous one for you. But remember this, if you actively avoid people, they’ll notice how you are. Then you might risk appearing uninterested in others. This is kind of arrogant rude and overall unattractive to others. So you need to go out and practice those social skills. Again don’t drain yourself too much by going to all the parties every weekend and joining a new club.


Maintain a balance in your life between your precious alone time and the time you give to family and love ones. The important key to these one is actively seeking. Don’t settle for unnecessary interaction at the grocery stores, at your workplace or at the school. Look for better opportunities or events to attend. May be ask others out for coffee or if they would like some company. As for anything in life, the more you learn to practice the better you will be.

3. Never have any doubt about yourself:

A tip on how can i be more attractive?
Your question on how can i be more attractive is answered, read more.

A part of being really confident about yourself is removing self doubt. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t reflect on decisions or always admit your mistakes. This means that you shut the self concern of whether you are good enough or not. Removing doubt in yourself means being fully aware that you are smart is capable enough to be successful in life.

Trust your judgment and have no doubt. Try to draw from your experiences as knowledge and valuable lessons. Always take a decisive actions and stand up for what right things needs to be done and then do it. This things will faster your leadership skills which is a very attractive indeed.

4. Learn to practice composure and never panic:

Some ways to become more attractive.
Some effective ways to become more attractive is by maintaining composure.

Many social situations can be stressful. When you face with many challenges and sudden unwanted things in life, always try to remain calm. Even if your heart is racing and beating fast or if you want to scream, take a slow deep breath and try to focus. This emotional intelligence imbalance will take practice and time. But if you can master composure others will always respect and admire you.

You can talk about your thoughts and concerns with many people in your life but you shouldn’t do emotional dump on everyone and let your anger show. You know, the ability to make decisions with clarity is an admirable one. But the other ones will find you more attractive for being able to keep it together under extreme pressure.

5. Always try to avoid aggressive behavior:

Are you a person who is pushy or controlling towards others? And do you consider yourself a perfectionist? Have you been told that you micro manage many things? Also do you get angry as things don’t go as planned. These traits are not good and attractive at all. In life there are times that you must be assertive specially when you are in a leadership position.

How do i become more attractive?
Another question asked by many is how do i become more attractive. Learn the next tip.

But there is a clear line between being assertive and aggressive. Remember that anger and the thread of violence are huge turn offs personally and professionally towards others. Conduct yourself in a manner that always respects others. If you exhibit aggressiveness or forcefulness, you will find others avoiding you or even resenting you in life.

6. Remember to always stay positive:
How to become more attractive by staying positive?
An important tip on how to become more attractive is to stay positive.

The quality of having gratitude is great to improve overall well being of individuals. And it can also help you to re enforce optimism when you are with others. If you can find joy in the smaller things that life offers, you’ll become an asset rather than a burden to others. Negativity only works to bring you down in life. Complaining is very unattractive and pessimism will always drive others away.

If you are a person who always complain and never do anything about it, you will appear helpless and weak. Having a positive and hopeful attitude are attractive traits that you could bring into your life, with a little bit of awareness.

7. Be accountable and dependable:
How to be more attractive by becoming accountable?
Learn to be accountable (Tips on how to be more attractive).

If you are a person who always change your mind at the last minute or don’t follow through with your words, people will see you as unreliable. They will stop trusting you and will stop coming to you for important things in life. And they will stop sharing their life with yours and trusting you. If you struggle with being dependable try practicing consistency always in other areas of your life.

Consistency is about following through regularly in every aspects of life. Develop routines and healthy habits to accomplish your goals. Learn to find success by holding yourself accountable. Then others will hold you accountable as well, if you do this. People will be more attracted to you if they know they can rely on you. Dependability is an important quality, a good friend and a partner. So you need to practice these, if you want to have long term relationships in your life.

8. Lighten up with some humor:
how to be attractive by throwing some jokes.
Learn to lighten up with humor on how to become more attractive.

You know some light humor is always appreciative especially during an awkward situations you face. And it also shows that you are not a boring person. If you take life too seriously, you are planning yourself for disappointment when things don’t go as you planned. Caution can help you keep out of trouble and unwanted things. But it might also make you seem like a negative person, who is never willing to live life on the edge.

Always take a lighthearted approach to things and you might just make someone laugh. There is a big difference between humor and being dismissive. Try to find the balance and don’t be rude. One thing you can do to increase the levity of your conversations, is to think about funny stories that you can tell. People are naturally captivated and attracted by storytelling. And if you can prepare something hilarious everyone will like you.

9. Sometimes you need to learn to live for yourself:
Learn to live for yourself
Learn to live your life and enjoy the moments.

When I say this, i don’t mean to become a selfish person. And obviously don’t completely forget about other people. They matter too in our life. But you as a person is the start of your life. So follow your dreams and find your passion. Be yourself! Sometimes what works for other people won’t necessarily work for you. So, Stop trying to transfer yourself into the Facebook post and Instagram feeds for others to see you online.

If you always worry about what others think about you which many people do, you waste your time seeking the approval of others. And this will eventually end up feeling empty inside, even after you get it. Instead focus on your life and those things that brings you joy. Discover who you are and what you love to do. That passion and sense of purpose will attract others to you. Creating real change in your life especially personal development takes some time. And If you focus your goal to maintain an attractive personality you will achieve it. 

10. Last one: Always be genuine:
One of the most important tip on how to be more attractive.
One of the most important tip on how to be more attractive is by honesty.

Remember, if you only pretend yourself to be interested in what other people have to say they’ll notice that. Don’t pretend be honest and genuine. Insincerity and dishonesty is a huge turnoff  and drives others away from you. Never give fake compliments to others. And don’t try to sell yourself or act overly confident.

Be the real you and most authentic version of yourself. You don’t have to try to impress others in any ways. The real you is really impressive and is honest. This honesty will show yourself outwards to others. And others will fall more attracted to you because of this. Don’t be tensed and stressed over what others might think either. It’s what you think about yourself that matters the most in life.

So let us know what you think about these in the comment below. If you like it please share to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. 🙂 More blogs coming up on How to become more attractive. Stay connected and have a wonderful day. Peace 🙂


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