How to Become an ALPHA MALE? 16 Characteristics of an Alpha Male!

how to become an alpha male
The 16 Tips on How to become an alpha male? Discover the real alpha male traits.

How to become an alpha male? Discover the 16 characteristics of an alpha male (Also known as the BAD BOYS). Today we are looking at 16 signs that tell you’re an alpha male. This blog is probably written about you or at least we will try to see how close you come with these.

When you say Alpha, they are the dominant pieces in the puzzles of everyday life in our society. They are the real change makers in life. They are those who shape the reality to their own expectations and goals. This blog is not about the strongest guy in sports or the players who gets all the ladies. But instead we are looking for someone who is winning the race against himself.


How to Become an Alpha Male (These characteristics of an Alpha Male) doesn’t only apply to men but to women as well”

These same values apply to women as well, not limited only for man. We titled the blog like this on how to become an alpha male? Because based on our assumptions you are likely to be a male reading this blog. We believe that, many of you have what it takes to be an alpha male. But not many of men will get there.

But that’s completely okay as well. This can be the perfect opportunity for you, to consider where you are at life right now. And with these, see if there are aspects of your existence which can be improved starting today. So now, let’s see how close you come. So here are 16 signs you are an alpha male.

#1. You are a man who is really happy with your life:

Tips on How to become an alpha male?
Be happy with your life (Tips on how to become an alpha male).

If you want to win in life you need to be please with your own existence. This will be reflected in everything you do and everyone around you will notice your energy. The alpha male is someone who looks really alive (a person with full of life). For him life is an awesome adventure and he enjoys every moment of it. He is the own architect of his life and most people are surprised with this.

Watch video on the alpha male traits.

But at the same time, it always gives him the best results. If you are an alpha male you will enjoy every single day of your life. You are not someone who just looks forward to weekends or any type of special day. Everyday is the same for you. Because your life is so full of energy that small things doesn’t bother you at all. If you have this quality you are just an awesome person.

#2. You get things done (tips on how to become an alpha male):

Characteristics of an alpha male
The characteristics of an alpha male is he get things done!

Unlike other people who just talk, when you say you’re going to do something, you get it done. A true alpha is a man of his words and people around knows him for getting things done. He is very particular with his time, will power and resources focusing just on what are really important to him. He really cares about the results and does more than he talks. His result speaks for itself!

#3. A true alpha is in control of his life:

How to become an alpha male?
On of the important alpha male personality is that he is in control of his life.

An alpha male is always please with his realities and he always try to pursue his desires and goals. As an alpha you are in complete control of every area of your life. You are a man who makes things to happen. You accept no excuses! If something is wrong in your life, you try to fix that right away without procrastinating.


You just love to take action in every area of life, whenever required. It is always awesome to have this type of control. And even when things go wrongs and don’t go accordingly, you always control how you react. You will always try to bring out the best in every aspect in such times.

#4. You are a risk taker and a winner:

 alpha male personality type
The real alpha male personality type is that he is a risk taker.

If you are a real alpha male you are not afraid to take risk in life. You don’t like to play it safe like the average mediocre people do. An alpha will never get satisfied with the little remains of others. You will always want the entire game and reward for yourself. That’s the reason why an alpha male always prefer to play the high risk games. They prefer to risk it all than to play safe like the mediocre people.


Every person has a limited amount of risk they want to take. This is the reason why most people don’t become successful in life. Mediocre people will always be afraid to take risk and they settle for the mediocrity. If you look around the world it’s always alpha people who are top in every industries. They also become a real inspiration for any upcoming alpha males.  If this is the path you have chosen, you are right on the path.

#5. An alpha always take care of those around him:

alpha male personality traits
Another alpha male personality traits is he will always take care of others.

An alpha is always a leader of his organisation or a group. He always looks out and care for his members in the group. He never gets satisfied with the success of himself but always hungry to share his success with his inner circle. An alpha mentors others and help them to succeed in order to take even more care for others.

This is how his network increases. His inner circles are made of like minded people, who always try to lift one another. Among all these people the alpha stands out as an example for the rest.

#6. You don’t seek other people’s approval:

The Real alpha male traits.
The real alpha male traits is not seeking people’s approval

When you start living your life on someone else expectation and approvals, you are living in slavery. An alpha male is really aware of who he is, what his life should be like. So you always check yourself and finds the area where you can improve. Most people seeks for the decision of others and check how well they are doing. However the alpha male always rely on the data and results, because it’s objective.

Most people are always bias and they seems to have an agenda. But the results and numbers don’t lie. The only approval you need is that of yourself and seek to learn more about yourself in life. Always be happy of who you are and try to become the absolute best version of yourself. You don’t need everyone’s approval because you may be on a different journey then they are.

#7. Everyone knows who you are when you enter a room:

How to be a real man?
An alpha knows how to be a real man by creating a legacy.

An alpha male always well positioned himself throughout his life and career. Any alpha male is himself a real brand. People recognize him wherever he goes. They recognize who he is and what he stands for. You the clear sign of a real success is to work so hard that you never need to introduce yourself to anyone again.

Because people will know who you are and you become a brand yourself. When you become a personal brand for yourself it will open many doors, not open to mediocre people. So, you got to go for it and let the world see you.

#8. People will always love to be around you:

How to become an alpha male by making others comfortable.
How to become an alpha male by making others comfortable being around you?

A good sign that you are on the right path is that, you are attracting many people towards you. Alpha males inspire success & confidence. The 2 traits that makes others attract towards you (1. everyone loves to be on the winning side & 2. they enjoy being a part of that group. They wish to know you personally and want to be your friend.

Because they believe that associating with you will make their own lives much better. Consider that examples backwards. Who would you like to hang out with (in case of you)? Any famous celebrities, any multi millionaires? What would your life be like if you were a part of that group. That’s how you realize you are an alpha male. You will be that someone for many people.

#9. An alpha always control his emotions:

How to become an alpha male by controlling your emotions.
A characteristics of an alpha male is he always control his emotions.

You know, emotions may not seems that important to many people, but it could make or break an individual. The alpha males have better understanding of their emotional intelligence. They always control their own emotions and also are able to read the emotional state of others and act accordingly.

While other people are easily disturbed by small external factors. An alpha male will maintain his cool, always control the situation and will act in the best interest of his goals. This doesn’t mean that you need to be cold and never require show your emotions. It however means that you understand the value of your true feelings and never let them control you.

#10. You take care of your self image:
Another important alpha male traits.
Another important alpha male traits is he take care of his self image.

Alpha males don’t look like a lousy person. They always take care of themselves and they way the world sees them. If you desire the world to see you seriously, you better take yourself seriously first. Try to lose that beer belly and get yourself a proper haircut or may be buy some appropriate clothes. Have you ever noticed that those who really take care of their image always stand out in a crowd.


That’s similar to the power of understanding that people usually judge a book by its cover. Yes they do! Try to take a look of yourself in the mirror and see if there are things to improve on yourself. Imagine this, you are meeting that person in the mirror for the first time today, how would you feel. What would you think about yourself in the first place? Be the type of person who you would like to meet yourself. I believe you got the point here.

#11. You will always inspire others:
The alpha male personality is that you will always inspire others around you!

An alpha male don’t just do that with his words but with his actions. People might forget what you tell them but your actions speak louder than anything you can say. Remember to walk the walk and don’t just talk the talk. Always be consistent in your work. Try to maintain focus and people will notice you every time.

And those who themselves inspire to similar desires, will see the hard work that you do and will be inspired by it. They will see your efforts, your motivations and how you overcame challenges throughout you way. And they will also be inspired to take them with their own journeys.

#12. People will always want to be you:
Alpha male personality type.
People will always want to be an alpha male personality type like you.

Even your haters would secretly want to be in your place, where you are. They would love to trade places with you. This is because you are succeeding at a higher level than everyone else is. Your life is always better than those around you and you will realize that.

Your spouse is hot and you are making new friends, visiting many places. Things are going so well for you. And some people will be so jealous of your lifestyle but others will be inspired by it. Some will work hard to get it for themselves, just as you do.

#13. You are real and authentic:
alpha male personality traits
Another tips on alpha male personality traits is that, he is always authentic and real.

A very important thing on how to become an alpha male is you will be a real and authentic person. If you look, in today’s world everything is a copy of another something. People love to coy others in some ways always. Trends will come and go. And everyone looks, talk and behaves the similar way.

The only way to stand out in the crowd is to know who you are and be that person at its best. Let the world adjust with who you are and definitely not the other way around, for good. Authenticity is a premium quality in these days. So if you manage to find yours, learn to value it.

#14. An alpha will dominate his environment:
how to become an alpha male
The alpha’s always dominate (Important tip on how to become an alpha male).

Whatever it is that you are doing in life, you are well recognized as a person who is making a killing at it. You always understand the game, the rules and your bet. Nobody else is even close to you. While the beta males keep competing among each other, the alpha male is dominating always.

You heard it right, competition is for losers. Alpha’s choose to completely dominate in any field. The best example of this happens in many sports with people like Serena Williams, Michael Jordan completely dominating in their field. While everybody else is left fighting for a competition for second place. So, who do you want to be in life? Do you even know who the second fastest swimmer is? No body cares.

#15. The Gap between you and those around you is getting bigger day by day:
The alpha male traits of becoming the best.
Tips on alpha male traits of becoming the best you can be.

As you continue your succeed, you will realize some people have different ideas than you have. They are not willing to put the same amount of effort as you do. And because of that, gap between your reality and theirs will just keep increasing day by day. You will realize that your friends will start acting differently around you.

They will start asking for more about you or look at you differently. At that point of time you will have a choice. A. Give a helping hand to those who wants to succeed with you. And B. let the others enjoy their lives at the base of the mountain as they chose. Remember the view at the top is only reserved for those people, who are willing to make the climb.

#16. An alpha doesn’t turn the other cheek:
The last important characteristics of an alpha male
The last important characteristics of an alpha male is he will never surrender.

Alpha males don’t let others walk all over them, when others do wrong to them. If someone barks you wrongly, alpha will bite back so they think twice before barking again. This means you have to exercise your power and your position. If you don’t people will come after what you’ve built for yourself so hard. Notice that we advice this as an offensive strategy but one that keep your haters and wrong doer’s at a distance.

In the words of Howard stark “the best weapon is the one you never have to fire even once. But if you need to fire it, you only have to fire it just once, so it will never come after you again. Now we would like to know, how many of these alpha signs mentioned above, checked for yourself. Let me know in the comment below.

The best way is to be aware of what needs to be improved in life, so you can take action accordingly. More blogs coming up on how to become an alpha male? Stay connected. Peace 🙂

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