How to ATTRACT MEN You Want (Dating Advice for Women)

how to attract men you want

How to Attract Men You Want? (Dating Advice for Women). There are eight things you could do to boost your own feminine energy & attract the man you want. And ignite attraction in masculine men. Check this out now. As you know, masculine and feminine energy have nothing to do with genders. Both men and women have *masculine & *feminine energy. But knowing how to navigate. And move from one to the other effectively is key in creating attraction in relationships.


Because masculine and feminine energies are polar to one another. They ignite attraction in one another. And so if you want a masculine man, a beautiful, authentic, caring masculine man. You have to learn how to amplify your feminine energy. These eight practices on how to attract men you want. I thought, were brilliant at amplifying the feminine energy and creating that deep desire in masculine men.

how to attract any man

#1 Tip on how to attract men you want. Is joyful receiving. Joyful receiving is huge to ignite the masculine in a man. Giving, providing as masculine energy. Receptivity is feminine energy. Even the male and female bodies are built this way. And so, if you want to ignite his masculine energy learn and how to receive better. Actually one of the tricks you can plan on your mind is that if you’re, naturally, a giver.

Know that you’re giving him the gift of giving to you.You’re, giving him the ability to ignite his masculine energy, which feels good. I’ll. Give you a quick example. Someone whom i know, wanted to change her love life. She was ceo, a business owner way into her masculine energy.

how to attract men you want

“First Tip on How to attract men you want – Learn to become a Joyful Receiver”

And really challenged me on this idea of giving and receiving and feminine energy and masculine energy. But she decided to try something new, and so she just tried it. She decided to try a full receiving on her next date. And had a coffee date with this guy. She drives up to this parking lot to park for this date. And the guy she’s going on this date happens to show up at the same time.

So he just pulls in right behind her. & they are at a gate where *she’s got to pay for parking. He sees she’s about to pay for parking. He leaps out of his car runs up to her and says: hey. I’m so glad to meet you. You’re here. Let me get your parking. And her natural instinct was to say no, no, you know I’ve got it.

I can pay for myself, but she caught herself in that moment. And reminded herself a joyful receiving and she goes. You know what that would be lovely. Thank you. & so she later called me. & she said, when he paid and the gate went up, she goes.

how to attract men you want

He had this amazing look on his face. I could she could literally see the energy in him expand. And grow as they entered as that went up. You know he smiled and put his hand out almost to say, like you can pass, you know. And they drove in had a great first date, ignited the attraction. And now they are married, enjoying an amazing relationship together. Joyful receptivity and great practice for amplifying your feminine Energy.

“Next Tip on how to attract any man – Feel safe”

#2 Tip on how to attract men you want. Is to feel safe. Now I know this one can be more challenging. Especially if you’ve, been hurt in the past or abused in the past. Or betrayed in the past. A great way to be more feminine, is to make yourself feel safe. If you have to consistently fight to protect yourself, more of your masculine side has to come out. And the feminine will hide inside for protection. That’s exactly right. When you’re, not feeling safe, you’re guarded.

You are in fight mode & that is masculine. And so the question is how, in the heck, do you make yourself feel safe. There’s two primary ways – and this is a deeper topic than we can cover entirely In this blog. But the two primary ways are #1 to trust yourself: to choose the right guy and #2 to trust yourself to speak up.

When you know something is off to rock the boat. When you know the relationship isn’t going in the direction that you want. Learn to trust yourself. Because when you trust yourself, you can actually relax & enter into a state of feeling safe. But allowing yourself to feel safe, allow yourself to relax and enjoy. And you allows your feminine energy to come forth.

how to sexually attract men

#3 on how to attract any man. Is moving from your head into your body. Now, masculine energy is cognitive thinking. Feminine energy is body feeling energy. So moving from your head to your body, ignites your feminine energy and one of the famous magazine writes this, and I think this is brilliant. One of the client says I’m learning, belly dancing truly a feminine hobby.

“Develop some feminine activities”

And what’s great about belly dancing is there’s actually two components of this. the Ignite feminine energy. Anytime you dance, anytime you move that gets you out of your head into your body. So that in & of itself *ignites your feminine energy. But feminine energy is also sometimes a circular energy. Where as masculine energy is more straight-line energy. Just consider the male body for a moment.

In fact the male form is angular. A lot of straight-lines in the male form. The female form has curves to it. So there’s. More circular motion to that form. & studies show that just doing circular motions like this increase your feminine energy. It moves you into that more softer space that more fluid space, feminine energy.

I know it might be hard to imagine but try it out. Because it really does shift you from a masculine feeling into a feminine feeling. And what is belly dancing? Belly dancing not only is dancing, but it’s dancing with the circular motion. So absolutely brilliant to ignite your feminine energy.

how to attract any man

#4 on how to attract any guy you want. Is connection and specifically connecting to other women. How often do you connect to other women? Do you have girl time in your life? Someone says to me the best way i feel that activates, my feminine energy, is going to the gym. And especially to Zumba classes.

“Another Tips on how to attract men you want – Ignite the feminine energy”

Those classes light me up now. What’s great about what she’s saying is Zumba classes. It’s interesting, you go to the gym and who’s in those types of classes? Who’s in the aerobics room, doing classes together? Who’s in the Zumba classes? It’s 90% women. We’re in the weight room. It’s 90% men. Because the weight room is all about can I get 10 reps in? Can I achieve this goal? Where is which is very masculine? The aerobics room is all about connection.

And you’re doing the zumba class you’re, not only dancing. You’re getting out of your head. Into your body, but you’re also doing it together. You are doing the moves *together. We are in sync, we are in motion. We’re all doing this together. It ignites the feminine energy.

make yourself more attractive to men

Because that in sync coordination is a deep level of connection. #5 on how to make yourself more attractive to men. Is wearing clothes and fragrance that makes you feel sexy. Feeling good about yourself wearing sexy clothes, perfumes, skin care routines, whilst also moving forward with self-improvement and work.


And so feel good about yourself wearing clothes that highlight your feminine curves. That highlight yourself in a way that makes you feel good about yourself. Wearing those good fragrances that you feel good about yourself. That you know that if you go in for that hug or that kiss with that man.

“(How to attract any man) – Make yourself feel really good about yourself”

That you know that you’re gonna smell really good in that Process feeling good about yourself helps you relax. And helps you radiate that feminine presence you have. #6 on how to attract high quality man (how to sexually attract men). Is health care. A friend of mine actually said I’m extremely feminine naturally. I love everything about being a woman. I’m emotionally driven naturally.

attract the man you want

I dress in feminine ways. Because that’s how I’m comfortable. I look feminine. & love every part that makes me look & feel feminine. And then she said what she does to help ignite her feminine energy. She said, I take time to care for myself. Dress nicely. & take care of my appearance with fragrance clothing, cosmetics.

I have regular pedicures, manicures, massages & girls days. And what I love about this is the willingness to take care of yourself. The willingness to give yourself the manicure. To give yourself the pedicure. And to give yourself, have a massage, is so key. Because that shows you’re nurturing yourself.

how to attract men you want

Remember about receptivity. You’re actually giving to yourself. You’re allowing yourself to receive the love and care from yourself. Go to that pedicure allow them to massage your feet. Now you might be the woman who says, I’ve got kids. I work a full-time job. When am I going to be able to have time to go and do the manicure in the pedicure.

“Dating Advice for Women – Learn to prioritize”

Like I’m super busy on time for all of that stuff. And the call to action here is to make time. Make time to prioritize yourself. If you’re in that role, that means you’re giving to everybody else. You’re, putting everyone else. First, make time to put yourself first. Because in that case, you fill your own tank. You feel more energized.

And you radiate more of that feminine energy, which your masculine man will truly appreciate. #7 tips on attract the man you want. Is tone of voice. Now, interestingly enough, here’s another friend of mine said. I love the story. She goes i recently was told by my male friend that I need to be more feminine. He suggested I changed my tone when I talk. So I did and how men started to receive me was amazing. Honey attracts bees for sure.

I totally enjoy being more feminine, especially coming from being a tomboy as a teenager. And growing up with three brothers. Lastly, I work in a man’s field, but I am still working hard on being true to myself by embracing the real me who is powerful, feminine being. So I love this era because we all have the ability to influence how we show up and how we speak.

Now what this doesn’t mean is that you have to be something that you’re not. But you have spectrum and you have the ability to when you want to use a masculine tone and you’re in a leadership position.

how to attract any guy you want
“One of the important tip on how to attract men you want (Learn the sweet, soft sensual tone)”

You want to be commanding to put on that commanding masculine tone. You also have the ability to flip the coin to the other side. To put on that soft, sweet, sensual tone that ignites the (masculine man) & so play with this. I think you’ll, like what you find. And #8 Tips on how to attract men you want is to experience your sensuality. someone whom i know writes this. And I love what she says. She goes in spiritual language.

That means men are more root chakra based for masculinity. And women are more sacral chakra. Sacral-chakra is about sensuality experience & also embrace senses. The more sensuous you will become. The more masculine men you will attract. This is great, because I totally agree with this. In fact the more sensuous you become, the more masculine men you attract. Masculine men, we love a sensuous woman.

What does this mean? This means? Are you really in touch with your senses? Instead of riding up here in your *head? Are you experiencing the *senses in your body. So easy practice for this? When you’re enjoying a meal really savor every bite. See if you can experience all the flavors that one bite has to offer you. When you’re wearing your clothes. Can you really experience the clothes on your body.

And so many times throughout the day, as you’re living and moving. & having your life, ask yourself. What am i feeling right now? What am i experiencing right now. And that will change you actually from masculine into feminine energy. So there you have it eight practices to boost or amplify your feminine energy that your masculine men will absolutely love now.


My question for you is: are there any feminine practices that you do, that we haven’t listed here, go ahead and post in the comment section below. What really works for you to amplify your feminine energy. And know this, we’re all about increasing love in the world. Stay Connected. More blogs coming up on how to attract men you want & also how to sexually attract men?. Take good care. Peace 🙂


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