How to Attract GIRLS without Saying Anything (THE SEXY LOOK)

how to attract girls without saying anything

How to attract GIRLS without Saying Anything (THE SEXY LOOK). There seems to be a very black-and-white perception of how a man’s looks directly affects his ability to attract women. On one hand, I often see people making the assertion that looks are everything that some people are just born with winning the genetic lottery.

They claim that unless you’re six foot two with the body of Adonis, they’re, simply doomed to being unable to attract quality women. On the other hand, I also see others make the claim that looks don’t matter at all. That even if you’re, a four foot dude with the physique of Humpty Dumpty, who gets his hair cut once every six months.

how to attract girls

You’ll, still be able to attract the woman of your dreams. As long as you have gained. The truth is looks matter in some cases. A lot in other cases, not a lot. But they do matter with. That being said, looks don’t matter nearly as much as some people believe when it comes to looks.


Studies have shown that women judged physical attractiveness in men, far less based on physical dimensions. And far more based on how they present themselves through style and grooming. If you take a man in a baggy t-shirt and basketball shorts. And give them a professional haircut with a nice three-piece suit, you’ll instantly bump up his looks by orders of magnitude.

Now, of course, there are some stereotypically masculine physical traits, such as great jawline and tall height. That women tend to find attractive, but having less of these qualities will hardly hold you back.

how to attract girls without saying anything

“How to attract girls by improving your outward appearance”

If you can maximize other areas of your looks so don’t worry guys, no matter how ugly you think you are. And chances are you’re, probably not. There’s hope for you. Yet there’s, an important distinction to make between someone who’s good-looking and someone was attractive.

Not everyone is born good-looking, but anyone can be attractive with time and effort. And remember that, at the end of the day, women want a man who’s attractive, as we just discussed. The uncomfortable truth is that outward appearance does matter a lot when attracting women. (An undeniable truth on how to attract girls)

Your outward appearance is a reflection how invested you are in yourself. And someone who’s extremely self invested will naturally have the psychological side benefits of feeling more confident and interesting.

how to attract girls

More attractive to others, if people can see that you don’t put a lot of time and effort into how you present yourself into the world, then that will tell them that you subconsciously don’t respect yourself.

So the obvious first step on (how to attract girls without saying anything) include Grooming, taking showers every day. Brushing and flossing your teeth wearing deodorant and cologne, shaving and haircuts etc. This is some pretty basic stuff that if you don’t already do then I don’t know what to tell you. Besides start doing it now.

“How to attract a girl without talking (Improving your style)”

Well dive deeper on what you can do to immediately improve your looks. Specifically style and Physical fitness I can promise you guys. There is nothing that will improve your looks and appearance faster. Than by working on your sense of style and fashion. And by getting in shape being fit and having style will literally transform a man’s results with women by threefold style.

Someone who commits to upgrading their wardrobe and their overall sense of style will have such a huge positive effect on their dating life. That they won’t believe that they’re, the same person.

Yes, the difference between someone who’s stylish and not is, night and day. It will literally make meeting and dating woman three to four times easier. So the first thing, where clothes that fit you. Well most men, don’t, wear clothes that fit them properly, Since many guys are practical and they value comfort over style. And thus buy clothes that are simply too big but wearing clothes that fit well.

Is extremely important, you can be wearing a shirt from Burberry or ouchy. If it doesn’t fit well, it isn’t, going to look good on you, so throw out anything that doesn’t fit. Well. I’d, also suggest you go to a tailor and get your measurements taken.

If you don’t already know them. Fresh shirts should not have cuffs that go past. Your wrists pants should never snag from your waist. And the bottom of your pants should rest just on top of your shoes.

“How to attract girls without saying anything (Match your clothes)”

Second thing match your clothes. Matching is something that most guys don’t do, but it’s actually pretty simple. Try to keep a consistent tone throughout your outfit. For example, a black pair of shoes would match with darker sets of clothes, such as a black belt and black jacket.

In general, I suggest getting a dozen neutral, color, shirts, black navy gray, olive green, etc. And a few pair of nice designer jeans, with both lighter and darker to match your outfit. Don’t overthink matching your clothes, but overall it should give the Impression that your not trying to do too much at once.

Third thing dress to your overall style. A fifty-year-old accounting manager should not be wearing a baggy hoodie. Just like a 20 year old college student, shouldn’t be wearing armani exchange suits around campus. Cater your dressing style to your personality. If you feel like dressing like a rapper suits your personality.

And you can pull it off, then go for it. If your personality is more hipstery and nerdy go for that look. I’d, suggest going online to different look book sites, where you can see how people with vastly different personalities and styles, dress, to get a taste of what inspires you.

how to attract a girl without talking
“Improve your physical appearance”

How to attract girls with Physical, fitness. There are a few things that you can do that will have as immediate as an impact as to how attractive you come across. Is your level of physical fitness? It’s, going to give you a better overall first impression and it’s, an honest signal that you take care of and value yourself. (One of the most important tips on how to attract girls without saying anything is – put on some muscles… guys)

It’s gonna give you more energy, make you live longer and it will also give women the impression that you can take care of her. And will be around long enough to help her take care of kids etc. So get yourself in the gym. Going to the gym can be simple and doesn’t need to be too hard. I’m, not going to give you the scientific breakdown of bodybuilding as a science.

What I will say is that for fitness there are only really two keys diet and exercise being in the gym does not need to be such a chore. And you don’t need to go to the gym seven days a week to have a Decent physique, going for 3/4 days a week to the gym for just an hour with a decent routine, is more than enough to maintain a decent physique.

You should be lifting weights and looking to build some muscle. This will increase your testosterone. Raise your energy, decreased depression and anxiety. And just make you feel better about yourself overall, if you just do the major compound lifts like the bench press, deadlift, squad and then a pulling exercise like the pull up, followed by Abs like once a week, then you’re, probably good.

dating tips on how to attract girls
“Try to go more on natural foods”

If you’re overweight, combine lifting weights with some fun form of cardio soccer or basketball, calisthenics, whatever you should also be trying to eat clean and to eat the proper amount of calories based on your goals.

If you just want a decent, thigh regimen and are like most people, you generally should eat a decent amount of protein and lower on the carbs. Honestly, if you just cut out soda candy fast food and desserts, you will already see a huge difference. Try to eat more things that come from nature instead of processed foods.

Whether you want to follow a specific diet is to you and your goals. There’s a lot of food information out there, and not all of it, is going to be relevant for your specific goals. Finally, make sure you drink enough water and get enough sleep. Doctors recommend anywhere from 6 to 9 hours a night.

dating tips for men

And one last thing your haircut. I guess this kind of falls under the style category, but I thought that your haircut is so important that it deserved its own section.

Similarly, to how having a great sense of style is kind of an honest indicator of how cool you are and how much you get it. Think of your haircut is kind of a piece of clothing exit that you wear it every single day no matter what. So It’s even more important and getting a good haircut should suit your face, and it should look good even a few weeks from now.

“Your Haircut”

Most guys just get a ten to fifteen dollar haircut, which is fine. Once you’ve figured out your style. But I recommend getting a good haircut just once or twice to figure out what works best for you. The best tip is to have pictures on your phone of what type of haircut you want of people that look like you. Pick someone with similar facial shape, body type and ethnicity, as you. As whatever looks good on them, will probably look good on you.

dating tips for men

Look at celebrities who are enrolled where girls want to get with their character in that role. Take those pictures to a barber and ask them if that hairstyle is possible with your hair. Some things just won’t be doable with her hair. But others will be and especially if you’re willing to go to more extreme lengths like hair treatment or anything like that when you’re finished with your haircut.

Ask the barber to teach you how to style your hair. Even if you have a good haircut, if you do a crappy job styling it every day. Then you might as well not even have a good haircut five minutes a day with the right product is all it takes to look your best. So get a really good haircut from a high-end place, just once. Learn how to style it and then from there you can get less expensive haircuts.


Once you actually know what look you want and how to style it properly. Gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed the blog on how to attract girls without saying anything. I hope that this article gave you a baseline foundation that you can start incorporating into your day-to-day lifestyle. If you learn something valuable from this blog comment below and let me know what you think. Peace 🙂

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