How to Become a HIGH Value Man (That Women CRAVES)

high value man

How to Become a HIGH Value Man (That Women CRAVES) Today we’re, going to be talking about how to become a high-value men. In today’s world that we live in every guy wants to be the man that every guy wants to be, and every guy wants to be the man that every girl wants.


There’s a big difference when it comes to the high value man and the low value man. Because both of them have two different mindsets. So, in order for you to be a high value man. There are certain psychological changes that you’re going to need to make within yourself and that’s what I’m going to teach you today. I got 5 reasons what you need to change in your life. In order for you to be looked at is… how about you?

Most men are gonna think, alright to be high value i need to have the money I need to have the cars, I need to have the houses, I need to have this. Actually, it starts with your mindset before you even start getting materialistic things. Because a lot of people that do get materialistic listing things or high value, but they never gain any confidence.

They still find a way to become miserable. Money is never going to buy happiness. You have to be happy before the money. The money is just going to enhance the thought process of what you’re already doing. So today I’m going to teach you what you need to do. And one of the biggest traits that you need to learn in order for you to make the transition to high value, the most important thing that you need to learn how to do is to be adaptable.

high value man

“Tips on How to become a high value man – Be Adaptable”

Adaptable in every situation, you have to be willing to change, but adaptability is what’s going to matter because it’s gonna make you less emotional. The less emotional you will come to the things that you do in life. The better decisions you’re gonna make, the more you can actually stay disciplined on your path to becoming our values. So we’re gonna start off with some things that you need to be adaptable.

To get you started at being high-value, alright. First, I’m gonna talk about commitment to yourself. Alright, you must stay committed to yourself. And this is something that people cannot do. They cannot commit to diets, cannot commit to their dreams. They cannot commit to doing the things in a life that they’ve, been doing for a long period that they need to change up.

how to become a high value man

That’s, where the adaptability comes in when you stay committed to yourself. And you get up every day and you eat right or you go to the gym right. You start working on those things that are gonna make you high value. And you stay committed to the things that you want to do in life all right. That starts putting off a different, a different energy and as your energy change that people around you will start to change as well.

One thing you can’t, do when you’re being high value, is try to tell people how high value you are. That won’t work. It’s gonna start off with you staying committed to yourself. When people see that you care about yourself, then they’re gonna start caring about you. So one of the main traits that you need to do is to stay committed to yourself.

“Learn how to attract girls – The Red Pill”

And stay committed to things around you that are gonna allow you to change into this high value man. Set a plan of self-improvement. It starts with self-improvement. First, it’s gonna start off with the knowledge you putting in reading this blog. So you already in taking that red pill. Now it’s all about you. Practicing the red pill and staying committed to practicing the red pill. Stand on it daily all right that’s one of the things you need to do make yourself adaptable. It’s, a self-improvement, all right.

You’re next, you have to better dress and groom yourself all right. When you dress and you keep yourself groomed. That shows signs of high value. Dusty beards, dusty, hair. Looking like you, don’t care about yourself, but you’re still trying to tell people you happy. It’s not gonna work. That eyes see through the soul.

People can look at your skin and tell exactly what you’re eating. People could look at your hair and tell if you care about yourself. Because the way you feel inside will reflect on the outside. When you see people that are fat, real fat, 500 pounds and they’re, oh, I’m living my best. No, you’re not. Those people are having a hard time sleeping. Their bodies not gonna be able to sleep. So one thing that you help to understand is keeping yourself groomed and keeping yourself fit.

“Another Important tip on how to be a high value man – A Groomed Appearance”

Taking care of your body & your clothes. But the thing is you can’t overdo it. You can’t match too many clothes. But you can’t have clothes that are looking to bummy. There has to be a balance in between, because, if you overdo one thing it’s gonna show your insecurity. So don’t try to overly dress. Make sure your appearance is groomed and that’s going to say a lot about you all right.

how to attract girls

Next, stop relying on text messages! You got to stop that, especially when it comes to a woman. And it comes to other people if you want to be looked at as high-value. Stop spending too much time text messaging back and forth for all these long stories. Stop holding too many conversations in these Chat rooms. And spending too much time with Twitter fingers.

You need to spend more time working on you. Working on the job working on a dream, a lot of you guys when you’re talking to a woman or you’re talking to other people. You’re spending too Much time in a text message, conversation and a trend. That’s going on the more you talk. The more people on the other end are analyzing.

You give people too much to analyze. They’re gonna analyze. So much about you that you’re not gonna look like a strong person. You’re gonna always be looked at as a weak person. Because you’re spilling too much out there make their adaptability. Stop texting messages, stop leaving so many comments in the comment section. Maybe start to tone those things down. Start less communication on social media that less people know about you.

“Learn more about women”

The more powerful you appear right, the less a woman or anybody know about you, the more powerful you appear you must learn to make that adaptability. The more you keep texted the more people keep analyzing. The weaker you look, alright! Next make it a point to understand women. You must make it a point to learn more about women. Because the more you learn about women, the less chasing you’re gonna do. And the more attraction you’re going to be able to do now.

A lot of you guys are still trying to understand women’s nature. In my opinion, if you have liked a girl that’s a friend of yours. That you could talk to when I start giving you information on women. Always have a reference with another woman to see how she feels about it. If you have a woman in your life that you can actually take knowledge to and actor about better do that.

Because that’s gonna help you to become high value. See there are certain guys that when they become successful, they won’t mess with a hood rat. They won’t mess with the easy chick they won’t go see strippers. They don’t deal with thirties. But then you have guys that achieve money and those are the only type of girls they know how to be with because they were low value guys.

“Another *tip on how to become a high value man – It’s not just about the money”

The only thing that they did was come across money. There’s still low value guys. They’re just low value guys with money. You cannot think that a person has money. He’s high value. No, a person who has money is just a person with money. How about you is everything. It’s the look, it’s the confidence, it’s the money, the lifestyle. No one says! Oh, I want to be like that rich fat dude right there.

how to become a high value man

That has the nasty attitude. No, they want to be like a rich good-looking guy who’s calm and more subtleness in his control of his emotions. See the more knowledge you gain the less mistakes. And the less superficial part of being a value man – you’re gonna fall back from it.

You’re going to understand that it’s all psychological, so get into a habit of studying and learning more about women. Next be clear on your intentions. All right when I say be clear on your intentions. In other words, you have to start being very clear. You have to be very confident in your answers. Even if it takes you thinking about it by yourself.

Whatever you do, do not come across the situations where someone is looking to you to give them a direct answer and you’re being very indecisive. That’s gonna drop your value fast. People hate somebody that gives an answer and then change. It gives an answer and then change it. The reason why is you’re gonna cause the people around you to have a lot of mood swings when you’re indecisive is going to make you look really weak to the average person.

“Learn to be very clear”

So learn to be very clear. And if you cannot be very clear that you don’t need to be talking at all. It’s the same thing. Like when you’re talking to people, learn to step into a conversation. Talk to that person and learn to leave a conversation. People that sit around and linger on conversations over and over again talk about the same stuff want to always debate.

Like you have a hunk around like a group of women and that’s all they do is wanna debate. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? What she said in the news, what they not saying. They paying attention to everybody’s lifestyle. Those are low value women. Well, guess what all the guys that sit in the same circle with them are low valued men Be clear: when you’re, a beta male, your low value, they don’t care if you’ve got money.

They don’t care if you look good. Your actions are gonna say everything. Your actions and how you appear and how you move. How you group the confidence you have will determine if you’re high value or low value. And hopefully these were able to make you a more confident man. More blogs coming up on how to become a high value man. Stay connected. Peace 🙂

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