7 Body Parts Women Find Physically Attractive on Guys(CHICK MAGNET)

Body Parts Women Find Attractive On Guys
Body Parts Women Find Attractive on Guys
Body Parts Women Find Attractive on Guys

The 7 Body Parts Women Find Physically Attractive on Guys, Also Called as the CHICK MAGNET FORMULA – Want to attract girls without trying so hard? ….Learn how to impress girls and How to make you feel like a real man that every girl desires. First, Let me tell you about the Man Body Parts Women Desires….You Might be thinking you know the answer….Right?…


You Been Working out those abs for month trying to get that great shape, V Line, V Shape and all that to impress that special person. Let me tell you….And Its probably *not what you think. If you wanna improve yourself, become the best person you can be.. Here’s the List of 7 Body Parts Women Find Attractive on Guys. Most Importantly, The last one is not a Body Part but its actually a part which is called a Chick Magnet…works all the time – Like a Boss 🙂

Body Parts Women Find Attractive on Guys.

  1. HAIR

Alright…One of the best thing a girl notices about a guy is His HAIR…Moreover, According to research girls care way more about their HAIR than their Abs…That is absolutely Insane. Isn’t it? That means you can literally skip the gym and Go to the Barber Shop …Nayyy…I am just Kidding 🙂

I mean they don’t see your Abs until you take your Shirt Off..And What are they gonna see….Your HAIR. & if you have a really Cool hairstyle it means that you take good care of yourself. If you spend a little bit of time, you don’t have to go crazy & wild…girls will notice. So next time you heading out make sure you look a quick look into the mirror…Fix it up…& Baaammm…You are Good to Go.

  1. EYES

Its not about the color of the eyes, shape of the eyes…blah,blah..blah…It’s so much more to it…Its everything here – Your Eye brows, the Eye Lashes, the white around your eyes. Make sure its not too red, too yellow, make sure its nice and white. You can apply some eye drops before you go out & that helps immediately.

If your eye brows are going all over the place, just…you know…use your finger to fix it up. Use some tweezers to make sure there is 2 eye brows not just 1. & of course if there is anything that goes haywire 🙂 just cut it.Get rid of it.

Most attractive male body parts.

  1. ARMS

Next on the list is Arms….One of the most attractive male body parts. If you have nice arms it shows people that you are strong, it shows you probably workout or you do some type of work that requires that MANLY STRENGTH. But how do you make sure that people see your arms when you wearing a t-shirt. Find some great companies like cutsclothing, It has the answer to that question.

You can find t-shirts which are perfectly cut to make you look so awesome with that arms (one of the most attractive body parts women wanna see). The sleeves are shorter and awesome quality too. Most of the fitting with this designs are slim fit..which will show off all your hard work from the gym.

Wear those and it just makes your body looks better and it enhances in a way that normal t-shirts don’t. Not only that these fabrics are so nice and soft, its buttery smooth and soft in your skin, you not gonna wear a normal t shirt after that.


All of their fabrics are wrinkle resistant. Less time trying so hard and more time looking good..Work hard, also be smart to get that attractive male body features that every women wants badly.

Attractive male body features


Cmon…Are your Serious???…. Yes…Girls Love a Guy with a BOOTY….Wait a minute…Like the Kardashians?…If you can make it like those awesome kardashian stuff…you are good to go..Just kidding. It goes both ways…Guys Like girls with a nice Booty and girls they feel the same way about guys too..So You have to work out those GLUTES to blossom. So, What part of a man’s body turns a woman on same as women’s glutes that turns on man? The answer is a sexy BUTT…

So you got to work out your lower body too. You can’t skip that leg day. You better get it on…Do those squats asap. And FYI…No need to stand in front the mirror taking photos of those Booty wearing a thong…reallyyy….don’t do that…Just do the hard work in gym and you are good to go…This is also definitely the most attractive male body part.

What part of a man’s body turns a woman on?

Girl Just love a nice forearms. A good looking forearms is One of the most most attractive male physique at first sight..If you are wearing a shirt if you roll it up & you show your forearms you show off the muscles, some veins, your tan…Girls will go wild. Make sure to work out and do those hard work and focus on your fore arms too.

This is also one of the most physically attractive part of a man by a women. So, Don’t do just the biceps, chest and abs.. But in reality everything counts. The bigger part of your forearms comes from your triceps so focus on that too. A Good way on how to attract girls with that awesome arms….

The Look of your body will completely change when you have an awesome forearms. It does makes you look stronger and more masculine. Building those muscles making sure that your forearms is a little bit bigger, more vieney that is going to be attractive.

Girls will Love that and not only that it is also the most visible part of your body. There is so much workout you can do to make your forearms looks good…Check out the video below. It might help a bit..

Most attractive male physique
  1. LIPS

If you think any girl is going to kiss your Chapped Lips….Nayyyyy…Not gonna happen :).. First, Girls will look at your lips immediately when you talking to them. And You can literally see their eyes goes directly from your eyes to your lips .

& that’s when you know they are making sure that you have nice lips. Its just a fact. Most importantly, Even after doing so many things on how to impress girls and you have a chapped lips…That’s a disaster…

The good thing about that is…there is not much work you have to do.. all you gotta do is that they are not chapped or cracked. That’s pretty much it. If your lips are all dry, all chapped and there is chunks coming out of your lips, it doesn’t matter your have 22 inches biceps or 7 packed abs, they are not gonna kiss you…it not gonna happen.

Make sure that you are carrying some lip chapped stick, apply it once or twice a day. That’s all you got to do…Everything matters……There are other man Body Parts women wanna see badly…Not gonna mention some of those here 🙂 :)….Some of the guy uses the short cut way on how to attract girls or how to impress girls the easy way….That’s the formula of Chick Magnet….


You do all the above or You can do this LIKE A BOSS …A Chick Magnet Formula ..

Conclusion: The same way guys have their favorite parts on girls, girls also have their favorite *manly body parts too. So now that you know the Body Parts Women Find Attractive on Guys, Make sure you work on these if you are going for that good stuff…:)

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